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Thirukaccinambi thirunakshatiram
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 11:28:41 PST

Please accept adiyen's pranamams

Adiyen was happy to see Sri Madhavakkanan's posting on Sri ThriruKacci Nambi's
Sri Madhavakannan wrote:
"Today Maasi Miruha seersham (or is it rOhiNi?) is Thirunakshathram of
Tirukkachi NambigaL, who had the greatest special blessed privilege of
conversing with Sri Varadaraja PerumAL Himself. He was blessed with this
extraordinary privilege for performing the Thiruvaalavatta (fanning)
kaimkaryam to PerumAL with utmost bhakti and involvement. In fact,
NambhigaL (KaanchipoorNar) was born to Sri vaishnava Vaisiya (Chettiar)
kula Sri Veeraraghava Chettiar and Kamalai at Poovirundhavalli. Though
his parents were quite wealthy and were successful businessmen,
NambhigaL had his mind only on Bhagawath, BhAgawatha kaimkaryam."

Poovirundhavalli (or in Madras, referred to as Poonamalee) is in the outskirts
of Madras city. In my previous note(s), i had referred to a temple in this
place. There are two koils, one for Srinivasan and the other for Varadarajan.
For the last 20+ years we (self and family) have visited this temple. Unlike the
SriRangams, Kanchipurams, Tirumalai's, this temple is kind of void of devotees.
>From a selfish standpoint, it is nice, since one can enjoy the beautiful
Varadaraja Perumal for as long a time as possible, but its sad that more often
than not, HE is all alone, in the absence of HIS bhakthas.

In the main prakaram, The moola perumal is Varadarajar. Adjoining his sannidhi,
is that of Sri.ThiruKacciNambigal. I am not sure if there are other koils that
have an exclusive sannithi for Sri.ThiruKacciNambigal. Also present are
sannithis for Ranganathan and Venugopalan. The other Sannithis in this temple
are those of Poovirunthavalli Thayar, Andal and Srinivasan. There is also a
sannithi for Sri.Alavandar. Since, this is one of my favorite temples, i
strongly recommend fellow bhagavathas to visit and pay respect to this Perumal.
It was per HIS order, when Sri ThiruKacciNambigal wanted to surrender unto HIM,
and do sevai for HIM in SriVaikuntam, that Perumal directed him to Periya Nambi,
and ordered him to accept Periya Nambi as his acharya. Sri Madhavakanan covered
other aspects of this Maha Purushan.

Reading Sri. Madhavakanans note on ThirukacciNambigals Thirunakshatiram, brought
joy and tears. Since, i have been attached to this temple for about 20years now,
and having had darshan of all the Moola Perumals and Thayars and Acharyas who
have an abode in this temple, it was a pleasant spiritual trip (albeit, it
lasted only for a few seconds).

ThiruKacciNambigal ThiruVadigale Saranam
adiyen, Ramanuja Dasan