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Re: Tirukkacchimambhi Thirunakshathram

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 10:31:15 PST

Sri Madhavakkannan wrote:
> Today Maasi Miruha seersham (or is it rOhiNi?) is Thirunakshathram of 
> Tirukkachi NambigaL, who had the greatest special blessed privilege of 
> conversing with Sri Varadaraja PerumAL Himself. He was blessed with this 
> extraordinary privilege for performing the Thiruvaalavatta (fanning) 
> kaimkaryam to PerumAL with utmost bhakti and involvement. In fact, 
> NambhigaL (KaanchipoorNar) was born to Sri vaishnava Vaisiya (Chettiar) 
> kula Sri Veeraraghava Chettiar and Kamalai at Poovirundhavalli. Though 
> his parents were quite wealthy and were successful businessmen, 
> NambhigaL had his mind only on Bhagawath, BhAgawatha kaimkaryam. 

Dear Madhavan,

Thank you very much for this timely reminder about this
great acharya's tirunakshatram.  I would like to supplement
your excellent summary with this short addition.

In the "periya thirumudi adaivu", a compendium of information 
on selected acharyas dating from the 15th century, there is a 
description of Tirukkacci Nambi which corresponds for the most 
part to what you have written.  While the periya thirumudi adaivu 
has suffered over the years from interpolation and the like,
it is on the whole reliable. Here is what it has to say
about this mahAnubhAvar:

	Tirukkacci Nambi, considered an 'amsa' of Sabari,
	was born in Poovirundhavalli, also known as Dharmapuri,
	located in the eastern part of 'PerumaaL Koyil' 
	(Kanchipuram Varadaraja Swami temple) in Thondai 

	He was born in the year "SobhakRt", in the month of
	"maasi" under the "mRgaSirA" constellation, into
	a family of the "fourth" caste.  His holy names
	include Tirukkacci Nambi and Sri Kanci Purna [both
	of these mean the same].  He lived in PerumaaL
	Koyil and his daily worship (tiruvArAdhanam) was
	to 'Perarulalan PerumaaL' (Varadarajan).  His
	acharya was Mahapurna (Periya Nambi).  

	His served the Lord by offering the divine
	fan (thiruvaalavattam) to Lord Varadaraja.  He
	composed the Varadaraja Ashtakam, and was part 
	of Lord Varadaraja's inner circle, a close confidant.
	He was the one who set Sri Ramanuja on the right

tirukkacci nambigal tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!