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Tirukkacchimambhi Thirunakshathram

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 21:07:10 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Today Maasi Miruha seersham (or is it rOhiNi?) is Thirunakshathram of 
Tirukkachi NambigaL, who had the greatest special blessed privilege of 
conversing with Sri Varadaraja PerumAL Himself. He was blessed with this 
extraordinary privilege for performing the Thiruvaalavatta (fanning) 
kaimkaryam to PerumAL with utmost bhakti and involvement. In fact, 
NambhigaL (KaanchipoorNar) was born to Sri vaishnava Vaisiya (Chettiar) 
kula Sri Veeraraghava Chettiar and Kamalai at Poovirundhavalli. Though 
his parents were quite wealthy and were successful businessmen, 
NambhigaL had his mind only on Bhagawath, BhAgawatha kaimkaryam. 

He became a sishya of Sri YamunAcharyar (Sri Alavandhar) along with 
other sishyas namely, Periya Nambhi (Sri mahApoorNar), ThirukkOttiyoor 
Nambhi, and others. Sri Alavandhar named NambhigaL as pEraruLaaLa dAsar, 
while Sri Varadaraja PerumAL (PeraruLALan) Himself named him as GajEndra 
dAsar. NambhigaL is the one who showed Ramaujar to Alavandhar from afar 
at Kanchipuram Sri VaradarajaperumAL temple. Ramanuja, after breaking up 
from Yadavaprakasar, (when he was doing theertha kaimkaryam at 
Varadaraja PerumAL Koil) approached Thirukkaccchi nambhigaL and learnt 
tatvaartham from him. Thirukkacchinambhi is the one who asked (on 
request from RamanujA) Sri Varadaraja PerumAL and obtained from Lord 
Varadaraja the famous ' Six Words ' and passed them on to RamanujA.  The 
six words are: (as told by Lord Varadarja Himself to NambhigaL)  

1 ahamEva Parathvam.  I- "Lord Narayana" is the Paramatma.
2 dharsnam bhEda Eva cha. :Individual souls are different from 
3 upAyEshu prapatthisyAth- Prapatti (SaranAgathy- Complete Surrender) is 
the means to attain mOksham.
4 antima smruthi varjanam- Last remembrance of the Lord on the death bed 
is NOT necessary.
5 DhEhaavasaanE mukthisyAth- mOksham can be obtained the moment one 
(prapannan) lays off the present mortal body 
6 PoorNaachaarya smaashrayam- MahApoorNar (Periya Nambhi) is the 
AchAryan for RamanujA, under whom RamanujA should take refuge.

Thus, Thirukkacchi became most important Sri Vaishnava link for ALL OF 
US. Though he was born in Vaisya kulam, he was greatly revered by 

I have read that PerumAL (Varadan) gave Thirukkacchi NambhigaL some 
words uopn Nambhi's request for tatvaartham from Him. They are:

1. Only by AchAryan's kattaksham, the disease of births and deaths will 
get cured.
2. BhAgawtha sEshathvam is more enjoyed by the Lord than Bhagawath 
sEshathvam. Serving Srivaishnavas and devotees of Sriman Narayanan is 
more pleasing to the Lord than serving Him. (PeriyAzhwAr has mentioned 
that Srivaishnavas of ThirukkOttiyoor can even sell AzhwAr for their 
use./ living) (Lord Rama was quite fond of Shathrugnan out of three 
3.  The Lord can NOT forgive and tolerate apacharam to BhAgawathAs, and 
treating His devotees based on their caste, colour, welath, Gothram 

Last day, PerumAl Himself offered NambhigAl Theertham and SadagOpam and 
took him to Paramapadham. NambhigaL lived for 55 years and remained a 
bachelor (?). It is also told that he appeared as PiLLailOkaachaariaar 
later. NambhigaL composed Devaraja ashtakam, on Devaraja PerumAl 
(pEraruLALan). Sri V. Sadagopan has written a lovely post on Devaraja 
ashtakam in Feb 96. Please read here and be blessed by Thirukkacchi 
NambhigaL, by paying obeisance to him. (please correct for any mistakes)

Thirukkacchi NambhigaL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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