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Periya Thirumozhi- 1.9- naayEn vandhadaindhEn; AtkoNdaruLE!

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Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 16:12:21 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangai AzhwAr had requested his mind to proceed to TirumalA. But 
even after AzhwAr reaches there, ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan doesnot welcome 
him nor does He speak to AzhwAr. AzhwAr is depressed and thinks that his 
enormous sins alone are the cause for the Lord's ignoring him. AzhwAr 
appeals to the Lord Srinivasan to pardon his great sins and save him. 
AzhwAr surrenders to Lord Sri nivasan and AlarmEl Mangai Sri 
MahAlakshmi. Needless to say, this is REALLY AN EXCELLENT TEN from 

1. Oh EmperumaanE! The One who lives in TirumalA, full of most fragrant 
flowers and gardens and dense bushes of bamboo trees! Caring only and 
worrying constantly about the bodily relations like mother, father, 
children, wife, and other relatives, as the permanent ones, I suffered 
terribly and am deeply immersed in samsaaric ills (nOyE pattu 
ozhindhEn..). With the great craving to see You, Oh ThiruvEnkadavaa! I 
(adiyEn), this dog like self, have reached You, considering You only as 
my Eternal relation. Please show nercy on me and save me to take me over 
to You as Your eternal servant. (A lovely pAsuram explaining that 
Emperumaan alone is nirupAdhika bhandhu. All others are dEha bhandhus 
only.- body relations- unthannodu)

2. Oh my dear Elephant like Beautiful Lord of cool ThiruvEmkatam! The 
One who stays at ThiruvEmkata mountain, full of honey dripping, bee 
humming flowers and gardens! I have committed enormous sins and have 
earned full credits to enter into hell (royally), got myself trapped in 
the trap of women's beautiful deer like eyes for many many years.  
Thinking of all those sins, now I regret and have surrendered to Your 
Feet at TriumalA. Please save me and take me over to You as Your eternal 

3. Oh Lord, the One shows Himself so gracefully at TirumalA, which is 
full of huge mountain like cool rainy clouds! Due to no sense (for 
fellow beings- no vivEkam), I have killed many lives. I have never ever 
offered food to beggars, when they begged me. I have never ever uttered 
sweet pleasing words at anyone. With all those (dis)qualifications, 
adiyEn has come to You to get saved by You, Lord. Please save me and 
take me over to You as Your eternal servant.

4.  Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, where dark, big clouds land to relax on 
the earth! I have been born in all bodies (in various births), died very 
many times, and not performed any good deed at all in any of my previous 
births (otherwise I would not have been suffering here in this samsaaram 
in simhapuri!); I have been under lots and mots of sufferings and 
sorrows; and now adiyEn  has reached You here and held You as the only 
refuge. Please save me and take me over to You as Your eternal servant. 

5.  Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, where tall huge mountains are like 
ramparts for TirumalA! I have suffered terribly for having committed 
incorrigible sins; I am even ashamed and have no strength even to praise 
Your Feet even. Oh Lord! the One who is capable of protecting the whole 
Universe! (thuppA!) Now, My Father! adiyEn has reached You. Please save 
me and take me over to You as Your eternal servant. 

6. Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, where tall sky scraper mountains are there! 
I have been terribly trapped in this body composed of five senses, sense 
organs, red water (blood), pus, bones, flesh, hair, foul smelling wounds 
on this physical body, etc.., and I am remorse with tears, thinning down 
and grieving heavily. adiyEn now has reached You. Please save me and 
take me over to You as Your eternal servant. 

7. Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, surrounded by most beautiful gardens roamed 
by elephants! Oh Strongest Lion like EmperumaanE! I have committed 
enormous numerous sins, without my knowledge when I was young; After I 
grew up, I lived (and worked) for others (women) and have become poor 
(in my jnAnam and vivEkam)! Now adiyEn has reached You. Please save me 
and take me over to You as Your eternal servant. (Here "yEzhaiyaanEn" 
means not materially poor; i.e. being equipped with great wealth is not 
being rich; only the realisation of our relationship with the Lord is 
being aware of our richness. That's the reason AzhwAr also starts Periya 
Thirumozhi- "vaadinEn"- means:  I have been fading in my life, though I 
have been a king!).  

8. Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, where cool gardens with honey dripping from 
their stems, flood the entire mountain! My Master! EmperumaanE! I (have 
committed so many sins and) have taken numerous births! And in this 
birth, due to Your Grace, You have intervened on my way and I have come 
here to pay my obeisance to You, with a craving to see You. adiyEn has 
reached You in order not to take any more birth. Please save me and take 
me over to You as Your eternal servant. 

9. Oh Most wonderful Lord! Oh alarmEl mangai maNALA! Madhava! (Master of 
Sri MahALakshmi!) Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, surrounded by lotus ponds, 
where honey rolls down from the mountain top to these lotus ponds! I 
have committed only sins and nothing but sins- sins after sins and more 
and more sins. There is no other strength or refuge for me, now. I know 
NONE ELSE BUT YOU to save me. There is none who can save me, except You. 
adiyEn has surrendered to Your Feet. Please save me and take me over to 
You as Your eternal servant. 

10.  Emperumaan- the eye of all worlds- the life and jIvan of all 
beings-of Dark hued ThirumEni like black clouds- The One who is known by 
Vedas (and from Vedic truths), The One who is worshipped by 
Nithyasooris- The Lord of ThiruvEmkatam- about whom Thirumangai mannan 
Kaliyan has sung these ten pAsurams and those who read them will HAVE NO 
SORROWS/SINS, to their account.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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