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Re: aiyO!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Feb 21 1999 - 05:05:21 PST


Dear Sri Sudharshan,

Your narration and elaboration of aiyO is excellent. aiyyyyyO! 
konnutee~nga. is also another expression that we (at Madras) use, for 
someone who has had a marvelous success in his endeavour.

Your reference to ThiruppANAzhwAr's aiyO! is not painful pleasure or 
pleasurable pain. My humble opinion is that AzhwAr was simply amzed and 
wonderstruck with awe at the inexplicable beauty and indesribeable 
beauty of the Lord. That's why he says "aiyO! (alas! ) The Beauty has 
swept me completely!.

On the similar token, Kambhan has composed a lovely verse on Rama's 
beauty. When Rama Lakshamana and SitA were walking in the forest, 
Kambhan narrates:

poyyO enum idaiyALodum iLayaanodum pOnaan/
maiyO? maragadhamO? maRikadalO? mazhaimugilO?
"aiyO!" ivan azhagenaa azhiyaa azhagudaiyaan.

(First line.. I don't remeber).
(Rama) went with the One who has no waist (poyyO enum idaiyaaL) and His 
younger one. Is He mai?- Kaajal?  (maiyO?- Collyrium?) Kambhan is not 
happy with that word because it just represents Rama's dark colour. So 
Kambhan says MaragathamO? Is He an emerald stone? No. Not a perfect word 
for Rama's beauty. maRikadalO? Is He the dark blue Ocean? A good simili. 
But the Ocean is salty and is not like the sweetness of Rama's beauty. 
mazhai mugilO? Is He the Dark Balck coluds? Wow! That's a lmost most 
appropriate comparison for Rama's qualities as well as His lovely dark 
Divine Body.. He is so mercfiul like the dark clouds and rains His mercy 
on the world. 

BUT Kambhan is still NOT satisfied. He is vexed. He is searchinh for a 
good word in Tamil and is not able to find one. He raises his hands and 
gives up. "aiyO! (I am helpless. I have lost!_ ivan azhagenna azhiyaa 
azhagudaiyaan.... Oh No! What a beauty is he! He has unfading, eternal 

aiyO! What a group I am in! aiyO! How merciful is He to put me in this 
most Blessed group!

Narayana Narayana
Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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