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Periya Thirumozhi 1.8- Infant KaNNan learned to stand up at TirumalA!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Feb 19 1999 - 04:25:03 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr after his anubhavam on SingavEL kunRam, was called by 
the Lord "AzhwArE! Why are you exerting yourself at SingavEL kunRam 
calling the Divya dEsam :"deivam allaal sella voNNaa SingavEL kunRam" 
(other than DevAs, none can access this sthalam) in the last ten?. Not 
to worry. Here in ThiruvEmkatam, I am showing myself so easily 
accessible for everyone. Come and be blessed! Let us go to TirumalA 
along with AzhwAr.

1. ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan Sri Srinivasan is none other than 
KsheeraabhdhinAthan and KaNNan. GopAlan- the One who befell the fragrant 
Kurundha tree- My Master- The Red Lotus eyed Beautiful Lord- 
Pundareekaakshan- The One who is having His YoganithrA on the Milk 
Ocean- The One who conquered pakAsuran- Sriman Narayanan is showing 
Himself so gracefully at this sthalam, ThiruvEmkatam, where lovely 
fishes jump with joy in beautiful ponds. 
2. KaNNan- the One who sucked the poisonous breast and sucked puthnai’s 
life making her cry with pain and die; He is in a reclining posture at 
Thiruvara~ngam (Srirangam) and ThiruppARkadal. He has grown at 
ThiruvEmkatam (ThirumalA); The realised sages (j~nAnis) have described 
Him and praised  calling Him daily as "veLLiyaan (Silvery Lord!), 
Kariyaan (Dark hued Beauty!), Neela MaNivaNNan (Blue hued Emerald like 
Beauty!). Such Greatest Most Beautiful Sowlabhyan is here at 
ThiruvEmkatam. Oh mind! Go and reach this sthalam. (Here AzhwAr says 
"piLLaiyaay uyiruNda enthai piraan avan perugum idam"- means: My Father- 
My Lord- The One who sucked the life as an infant KaNNan- is growing 
here (at ThirumalA!). Periya vaacchaan PiLLai says "thottil piLLai pEy 
uyiruNda pinbhu niRka kaRRadhu Thirumalaiyil" means: The child that was 
put in the cradle, after sucking the rAkshasi’s life, has learnt to 
stand only at ThirumalA."- What an anubhavam!)
3. The One who learnt His charming steps, breaking even the Marudha 
trees(while doing so), The Purest Lord- The One who has the Divine Conch 
in His Hand- The One whose Lotus Feet is always worshipped with great 
devotion by DevAs and Nithyasooris- The One who saved and protected the 
suffering and lives of cattle by lifting the mountain of Govardhanam 
effortlessly as an umbrella from torrential heavy down pour by Indran- 
My Perumaan- is here at ThiruvEmkatam. Oh mind! Reach there.
4. ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan is Sri Parthasarathy Himself. The One who drove 
the chariot for Arjunan, presided (sort of) the MahAbhAratha 
KurukshEthra battle, and (enabled pANdavAs) win the battle- the One who 
dances with cowherd girls- the One who stays in the heart of His 
devotees who think of Him and meditate on Him- the One who shows Himself 
at Thiruvidaventhai- the Para~nchudar- the JyOthI- Emperumaan – is here 
at Most beautiful ThiruvEmkata mountain. Oh mind! Reach there.
5. The One who appeared as the young Brahmachari dwarf boy and begged 
mahAbhali with His small Hands (for the whole universe ultimately)- the 
One who appeared as Sri Raman and sent the arrow through seven trees 
(saala vruksham) at a stretch- the One who lives in 
Thirumaaliru~nchOlai- the One removed the sorrow of GajEndran elephant 
and granted mOksham to the animal- is showing Himself at ThiruvEmkatam. 
Oh mind! Reach there.
6. ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan is the One who ate the whole Universe. The One 
who (once), in order to protect the seven directions, seven worlds 
during mahApraLayam (Cosmic cycle), ate them and retained them in His 
stomach and lied down on a small Banyan leaf- the One who removed the 
sorrow of the white moon (can someone explain the sorrow of moon that 
was removed by the Lord?)- the One who appeared as Narasimhan (Lion 
faced Lord) and tore the chest of hiraNyan with sharp nails to kill him- 
Such Greatest Emperumaan is at ThiruvEmkatam mountain. Oh mind! Reach 
7. The Lord is The Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space (five elements of 
Nature)- has thousand Divine Names- is NOT bounded by KarmAs; - Such 
Greatest Lord- Emperumaan is growing here at ThiruvEmkatam, the top of 
which is hugged by clouds, the snowy droplets falling from the sky,  
where the clouds land up and take rest on top of this mountain, where 
fertile gardens  surround the lovely ThiruvEmkatam. Oh mind! Reach 
8. He is in the Pancha bhUthams (the five elements of Nature)- He is the 
Chief of DevAs- He is the Nayakan of Periya PiraaTTi- MahAlakshmi- He is 
My Emperumaan- staying at ThiruvEmkatam, the most beautiful fertile 
land, where gypsy women take care of the field. Oh mind! Reach there.
9. Emperumaan- The One who protects and saves from their Birth cycles, 
those who utter Parama bhOgya, most Divine Thiru ashtaakshara manthram 
always- stays at ThiruvEmkatam which is fully surrounded by the lovely 
gardens full of most fragrant flowers, which is standing like the 
Thilakam (pinnacle- Zenith- the Highest point) of all worlds. Oh mind! 
Reach here! (here AzhwAr says in the first line "pEsumin Thirunaamam 
ettezhutthum solli" – means: Utter! (pEsumin) the most divine 
Ashtaaksharam; it is also to be read as "pEsum in Thirunaamam" – means: 
Utter (pEsum) the sweetest to the tongues of those who utter (in) 
Thirunaamam ettezhutthum – (ashtaaksharam)).
10. The Lord of ThiruvEmatam, which is surrounded by the most beautiful 
ponds where the red charming fishes swim, jump and play, is here showing 
Himself so gracefully at this sthalam and Thirumangai nagar Kaliyan has 
sung these ten pAsurams about this Emperumaan of ThiruvEmkatam. Those 
who read these ten (or their meanings) sweet garland of Tamil words 
realising the glory of ThiruvEmakatam Emperumaan, with not an iota of 
doubt and with mahAviswAsam on Emperumaan, ARE SURE to reach 
Paramapadham after ruling this world. 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana 

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan     

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