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Re:Digest bhakti.v003.n267

From: Vijayanand R (
Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 00:57:26 PST

EmperumAnar Thiruvadigale saranam.

Ellarkum Namaskarams,
I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to Sadagopan mama for his wonderful
explanations regd. our ThaayAr in Adhikkararcha.
"Why we should go to ThaayAr Sannidhi first ,before going to Perumal...? "
is a longstanding doubt to me,which got cleared today.Adiyen used to do go
to ThaayAr Sannidhi first, as told by elders,while going to PeriyAkoil
daily,without knowing the real arthhaam behind this practice.
Also adiyen wish to introduce myself at this point.
Adiyen is Vijayanand Rajagopalan,born and brought up in Srirangam.Now i'm
working in Reliance Petroleum Ltd.,in Jamnagar--Gujarat , as a chemical
engineer.Came to know about this forum recently thru' a colleague.It is a
great privilege to be part of this group of great Bakthas and a golden
opportunity  to learn a lot  about our matchless tradition,which,adiyen
thought,would be impossible after coming a long distance, from what
Periyaavargal  call," BhoolOka Vaikundam."
Sri RenganAyaki samedha Sri RenganAthan Thiruvadigale saranam.
Vijayanand Rajagopalan.