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thirup pAvai - part 67 - pArOr pugazha vArungAL

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Feb 14 1999 - 08:41:05 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

pArOr pugazha padinthu El Or em pAvAi 

thirup pAvai - part 67 - pArOr pugazha VarungAL

Dear bAgawathAs,

       "kanavum kooda kavithaiyAgi 
          pugazhai pAda kaNdEn. 
        sinthanai ennum thEr ERi 
          thirup pAvai ennum pAr 
        suRRi uLA vanthEn
          kaigaLai neetti vAnatthai
        theeNdumAp pOl muthaRpAttu.
           kaNNanum kaNdAn ippAdu   
        kadalin Oratthil Oru 
            kai neer edutthu 
        Azham kAnthal uNdO ?
           irunthum Azh kadalum 
        thAngi niRkum boomiyin 
           Azham ARivAr yAro?     
        en boomith thAy padaippin
           Azham kadalinum kadithanathaRO ?
        en seykEn ? intha vAnum virinthu
           mudiyAmaL niRpathuvum enthan
        pAvaithanai vAzhtthi madal 
           ezhutha iyalAthathAL anRO ?
	intha siRiyan muyaRRchikkum 
           thunAiyAm periyOr paRRi senREn
        thamizhin thudippukaLum thEdi 
           nAdinEn pAvAi pugazh pAda".

	My dream also delivered a poem on the fame  of   this
literature. I started of with a chariot known as my  anubavam
and began to roam around this world known as thirup pAvai.  I 
felt as if I stretched my hands to touch and tease the sky in 
this first pAsuram. Even Lord Sri Krishna must have also felt
the same on gOdhai's love on HIM. I stood on  the  shores  of 
the deep sea and took a handful  of  water  and  attempted to 
study  the  depth of this ocean. Even  if  I may be succesful 
in finding it, this great deep  ocean is supported on her lap 
by the earth boomi and who will know the depth of this boomi? 
My  mother  booma  deVith  thAyAr  created this aboorva kadal 
thiru pAvAi and  the depth of this  thirup   pAvai  ocean  is  
deeper than her own sister the deep ocean and it is very hard  
to  determine  the deep meanings of this ocean.

	What can i do ? This sky is also spread out so vastly
as it  failed  in  attempting  to  praise  this pAvai and was 
unable to  deliver  a  "madal" or  poem  on  such.  ie it was 
spreading infintely thinking that it can contain  the  pugazh
and meanings of this nool in itself as a madal. Hence,  after 
all  the efforts of this siRiyan, I  sought  the  company  of  
elders and the impulses of  tamil  folks  as well to sing the 
praises of this pAvai. 
Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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