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thirup pAvai - part 64 - pAr Or pugazha

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Feb 13 1999 - 16:47:23 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

pArOr pugazha padinthu El Or em pAvAi 

thirup pAvai - part 64 - pAr Or pugazha

Dear bAgawathAs,

       "pArOr" means the folks of the earth. pAr means earth.
"Or" means those who dwell in such earth. So long, Sri  ANDAL 
was addressing to "pAvai" and as well to those who are either 
reading  or  hearing  this.  Now she is addressing another or 
some third persons to those who  are  not  involved  in  this  
nOnbu. This time it is all the others who are all present  in 
this  entire  world.  What  a  compassion  ?  She thinks that 
atleast by hearing about the spciality and the importance  of  
this   saranAgathi   nOnbu, the  folks  who  are  involved in 
lowkeekam  (pAr Or) will someday  open their  "agak kaN"  and 
surrender to the Lord (or do the nOnbu).

	We must do this nOnbu in such a way that those in the
lowkeekam known  also  as  earthly  folks  must  raise  their 
eyebrows and praise the Lord.  We must not do anything to get  
anyone's certificates of appreciation.  The  word  "pughazha" 
comes from pugazh or fame. "pugazha"  is  a  verb,  it  means 
"pugazhum padiyAga" or one must do   something  with  such  a 
"sraddhai"  and  sincerity such that  those who are not doing 
this will see it  and  will  not  only wonder and praise this 
nOnbu but also  will  attempt to do it themselves. It is also 
said that it seems our Lord nArAyaNan will do paRai  tharuvAn
to those who are doing this nOnbu  in  such  a way  that  the 
entire folks of the rest of this world will praise  HIM.  And
HE  will do this "paRai tharuvAn" as "kEttathaiyum tharuvAn",
"kEtkkAthathaiiyum tharuvAn", and "miguthiyAga tharuvAn". ie., 
HE  will  give HIS blessings  abundantly  to  those  who  are 
doing this nOnbu.

	It is also said that those who are doing  this  nOnbu
were somewhat restricted by some who are considered as prathi
koolyAs or chathrus or enemies. It seems the  Aaychiars  were
asked to do this nOnbu in such a way that even those who  are
opposed to this nOnbu will one  day  praise  this  nOnbu.  It 
seems  when a  holy  soul does this nOnbu (saranagathi) rains  
will pour  heavily even on sunny day of a summer. It is  said 
that Aaychiars did the nOnbu in such a way that to rained  so
much for this  entire  world.  Due  to  this  rains  everyone  
were benefited and they praised this nOnbu in  appreciation.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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