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thirup pAvai - part 63 - gOdhaiyin Geetham

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Feb 13 1999 - 16:42:56 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

pArOr pugazha padinthu El Or em pAvAi 

thirup pAvai - part 63 - gOdhaiyin Geetham

Dear bAgawathAs,

	This verse "nArAyaNaNE tharuvAn", "namakkE  tharuvAn" 
and "paRai tharuvAn" is seen as the  three rhasyArtthams  and 
their essence. Even though one would wait untill HE thinks it 
is time to explain it in a tamil discourse,  an attempt  will 
be made to provide some advance highlights here. Srirangam is 
known  as the embodiement of thiru  ashtAksharam. Some   have  
been specifically instructed to do thiru ashtAksharam  as  if 
they  are  in  Srirangam  at  the  holy  feet  of  our   Lord  
Sri Ranganathan (in their kramam or protocol for the  japam).  
The  word "nArAyaNaNE tharuvAn"  is  an   allusion  to  thiru 
ashtAksharam.  Since we imply thiru ashtAksharam, this patham 
also directs us to the embodiement of such thiru  ashtAksharm 
ie., our Lord  Sri RanganAthan HIMself.  Sri ANDAL  would not  
want to address her future husband (Sri RanganAthar)  by  HIS  
name,  especially  when   she   is  presenting  the  marriage  
invitation to us through this 1st pasuram  (as  explained  in 
the previous parts). Hence, it is apt to  say  that  she  has  
indirectly addressed her future husband's name by this   word  

	The  concept   of   dwayam is  embedded in the patham 
namakkE tharuvAn as the word "namakkE" is seen  as   us   the 
Aaychiars  who  want to serve Sri KrishnA all the time and we  
donot  want anything else. The palan  of  our service is also 
fully given  to  HIM. prabyam (upEyam) is see nas the essence 
of this patham.   HE  HIMself gives us such kainkaryA prApthi. 
All the happiness or Anandam in serving HIM is given to us as
namakkE while all the palans go to HIM.

       The allusion to charama slOkam is derived easily. When  
Lord Sri Krishna delivered Srimadh bagawath GeethA, Sri ANDAL
(Gotha) delivered this "GOthA Geethai" a saranAgathi shAstram
in 30 verses.  When  Srimadh Bagwath  Geetha is considered as 
the sAram or essence of all upanishads this gOthai geethai is
considered as the sAram of sarangathi nOnbu  and  some  would
address  it  as gOthAupanishad. When Lord Sri Krishna address 
it  in  an  one  to  one conversation with "mAm" in his first 
person gOthai addresses this charama slOkam as nArAyaNan in a 
third person sense. "paRai  tharuvAn" is itself considered as  
a charama slOkam as it is very similar to contents of charama 
slOkam assuring that those (Aaychiars) who perform this nOnbu 
(saranagathi) will be granted with mOksham or "paRai tharuvAn"
in affirmative.  

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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