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Re: thirup pAvai - part 60 - "kEttathaiyum tharuvAn, kEtkkAthath

From: T.V.Venkatesh (
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 20:16:40 PST

                           SrimathE NArAyaNAya Namaha

Sri Sampath swAmi wrote :
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> 	While  we  must   definetely  atleast  indicate   our 
> willingness to do kainkaryam at the holy feet of the Lord  or
> for HIS bAgawathAs and AchAryAs, we may want to not  ask  for 
> any sepcific kainkaryam as to which we  want to do. HE  or an 
> AchAryA  knows  to  delegate  kainkaryams  to  us.   Our over 
> enthusiasm should not shield our obedience. "avaNE tharuvAn".
> ie., a specific Kainkaryam may  not  be  asked as to what one 
> can do while the prApthi to do kainkaryams is to be asked. or 
> it is similar to saying that "we must apply for the job to do 
> kainkaryam by nOnbu and identify us as potential candidate".
> It  is  upto  HIM to  give us any kainkaryam. HE will give us
> whatever we have asked for and as well other. Even though the 
> Lord has offered to give us mOksham at the end  of the  life, 
> HE will also give us what ever is  necessary and required for 
> us. He will give such blessings HIMself and  without our even 
> asking for such. It is referred as "saree ArOgyam artthAmcchA  
> bOgAm   ichchaivAnushAngikAnth  thathAthi   dhyAyinAm  bumsAm 
> abavarkaprathO hari".
This reminds me of what I heard in the UpanyAsams by Sri M.A 
VenkatakrishNan swAmi on Sri Vachana BhooshaNam, and Sri K.B 
DevarAjan swAmi on ThiruppAvai during the Dhanur mAsam in 
Parthasarathy swAmi temple. As Sampath swAmy aptly pointed out, we 
should not demand that I will do only this kainkaryam or that 

We are all supposed to be "kinkarars" . What is the duty of the 
kinkarars?. They will be always ready to do whatever their Boss says. 
A servant or a Kainkarya parar should be always ready, expecting the 
order from PerumAL. This is what is beautifully explained as, the 
kainkarya parars will be always ready saying "Kim KarOmi", "Kim 
KarOmi", meaning what should we do. Hence they are called Kinkarars.

And it is the  perumAL who orders what is to be done. This is 
applicable to the Guru - Sishyan relationship also. 

Just thought I share what I heard in the upanyAsams.

adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan,

Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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