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Thayar Sannidhis
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 12:55:27 PST

Please accept adiyen's pranamams.

Sri.Soundararajan wrote:
REcently with my family I toured a number of 108 divya desams.Almost
all the temples have a separate sannadhi for thayar.Can
anybody enlighten me as to why there is a separate sannadhi
for thayar instead of locating at the same place of the moolavar.

I am glad this question has come up. For the last several weeks i have wondered
about this same question, although in a slightly different version. My question
is two-fold:
The first is same as Sri.Soundararajan's observation/query that why is Thayar
separated from Perumal?
The second question is something i have struggled with longer. In Perumal
sannidhi, Moolavar is always accompanied by the Utsavar moorthis. The Utsavars
of Perumal, Thayar(s) and others are always there. However, in Thayar sannidhi,
apart from the Moolavar, only the Utsavar moorthy of Thayar is present (pretty
much in most temples i have been to). Coming to think of it, one can only feel
sad that Thayar is left all alone.

Having exhibited my ignorance, let me try to give my explanation/answer for the
above, which i am positive is wrong, but nevertheless, here it is.
In Perumal sannidhi, the Utsavars are the ones who become the prime deity who go
out and give darshan to their dear bhagavathas. Since Thayar is part of Perumal
(since HE is the Supreme), it becomes imperative that Thayar is present along
with Him.
When a bhagavatha seeks karunai from HIM, one way is to approach Thayar (the
ever merciful) and request Her to plead one's case to Perumal. Which may be a
reason to have only Thayar's Utsvar and Moolavar in Thayar sannidhi.

I am not sure if any of the above reasoning is right, but, it is the best i
could come up with.
Due to sheer laziness, i did not post this question earlier, but i am happy to
see Sri.Soundarraajan's note, and will look forward to answers to these.
adiyen, ramanuja dasan