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Re: Sri Raamaanandaa

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli (
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 06:38:27 PST

Dear Members,

I am not very familiar with the Raamaananda tradition.
However, I have come across some articles written
during Sri A. Govindaachaari's time and according
to this article, following is what I gather.

1. Most Viashnava groups in North India, have roots 
   to Sri Raamaananda

2. Bhakta-maala is a work by Sri Naabha Das a disciple
   of Sri Raamaananda (may not be direct).

3. Sections of this work has some commonality with 
   Sri Pillai Lokacharya's Artha Panchakam and  other
   works related to rahasyas.

4. According to the author, he was the founder of Raamaavat
   sect of Raamaanujaa's Sri Sampradhaaya. However, their 
   philosophy is more aligned to that of Swami Desikar's. 

5. It is interesting that the text of Bhakta-maalaa has 
   more details on Sri Raamaa (also referred to as Raghu Veera)
   than other  incarnations of Vishnu. But the acknowledges 
   other incarnations and has some sections about Lord 
   Krishna. The emphasis is however on Sri Raamaa, a one 
   part series giving details like marking on His left and 
   right foot. 
If you have access to a good Univ Library, you may get the 
article (they were published in 4 parts, an interesting

Gleanings From Bhakta-maalaa
   by George A. Grierson

   published in Journal of Royal Asiatic Society of Ireland 
   and GB

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