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Re: KoorathAzhwan's Sattrumurai

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 08:40:55 PST

Dear Sri.Arvind,

thanks for your posting on alwan sathumarai.

i have infact witnessed sathumarai of alwan at kooram many times.
after reading your posting i started  regretting  why i missed this 

dear bagavathas, as  a person who knows kooram well(my aunt was married 
to ex-darmakartha of the temple) i should share with you that people of 
kooram have very high reverence on Koorathalwan.

he is a sort of demi-god for most of the commoners there.
irrespective of caste distinctions, even shivaites there respect him)

similarly srivaishnavaas there, especially the present dharmakarthas and 
other natives of kooram particularly yongsters who come from chennai etc 
stay there for 10 or more days, irrespective of their official 
commitments(luvkikam), they  shave of their otherwise  cropped hair, 
have tuff , get granthanviyam from their acharyan or elders, to do 
service to the temple.

sometimes i envy there capacity witnessing all this.

i would like to mention some names like, SriBashyam(retd port trust, 
chennai), his sons Ranagarajan,Govindarajan their uncles brothers, Sri 
Kannapa bhattar etcc who are totally commited to this temple.

even one swamy comes as far from bhadrachalam of Andhra pradesh(a pancha 
sthavam specialist)if i am not wrong his name was sri Madavachar

to add beauty to the whole thing, Sri.K.K.V.A.Mudaliyantan Swamy Of 
kAnchipuram (till last year) used to be at kooram for all the days and 
do srama and arulicheyal kaimkaryam. HIS ATTACHMENT TO KOORATHALWAN WAS 

the sathumari will be witnessed by many srivaishnavas from kanchi area 
irrespective of kalai differences.

Sri.Anand's posting prompted me write all this. 

it was the kadasham of this Alwan, our acharyan and young sri vaiShnavas 
of this kooram(who were  my friends during my triplicane days) which 
really made me get interested in our Great sampradayam 
for otherwise i am really worthless.

i suggest to our members , whenever you get opprunity to go over to 
kanchi, please do visit kooram which is just 8-10 KM away.

best regards


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