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KoorathAzhwan's Sattrumurai

From: Narasimhan, Arvind (CTS) (NArvind_at_DBSS.COM)
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 06:28:02 PST

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya NAmah
Sri Mathe BAla Dhanvhi MAhaKuruvae NAmah

Whether it is adiyen's fortune to be blessed with the sampandham of the of
the blessed elders who knew nothing other than kainkaryam for Azhwan of the
blessed Kooram

Whether it is misfortune of those blessed elders to have a grandson, like
adiyen who even having witnessed the sattrumarai of the Azhwan, hailed by
elders as "the blessed One who rules" is finding it the most difficult task
to say a few words about the Sathrumurai held at Kooram held on 5th Feb 99.

However commanded by the brother of adiyen's achariyan to share his
experience, adiyen is compelled to write these few words.


Adiyen's father(also younger brother of adiyen's achariyan) and adiyen left
for Kooram taking with us some garlands for Azhwan. En routem we took the
blessings of Sri Valmiki maharishi, LAva, Kusa, Anjeneyar and Sri
Kannakavalli thAyar sametha Sri Vaikunthanathar Permul at Koyambedu( near
Arumbakkam, Chennai). We reached Kooram at about 9pm( 5th night). 

Thirumanjanam was performed for Azhwan on 5th morning and Azhwan was getting
ready for Veethi Poorapadu. So many bhagwathars had come from villages in
and around, that even at 9:30 one had to wait atleast for 15mts in queue to
have darshan of Azhwan(mOOlavar). Bhagavathars were performing bhajans all
over the Kooram village, going parikrama singing the glories of Sri
PankajaValli Thayar sametha Sri Adikesavaperumal, the presiding deity of

Finally, at about 10pm Azhwan gracefully proceeded from his sannidhi fully
decorated with garlands and ornaments. The distance from Azhwan's sannidhi
to the nearby NaalukAAl mandapam is only a few feets. But Azhwan takes not
less than 1 and half hours to gently come to this mandapam. Arulicheyal was
recited with Azhwan witnessing the Arulicheyal goshti standing in the Naalu
kaal mandapam. About 12 midnight Azhwan proceeded with his Veedi Ula,
strolling thru every nook and corner of Kooram village. It appears to adiyen
that Azhwan goes personnally in and around Kooram only to strengthen his
relationship with us and to keep alive our faith and conviction in our

Hey, why fear the seperation of Emperuman?? the blessed Ramanujar has
promised us just that. Just remain loyal to our Yathirajar's teachings and
find that Sri Vaikuntam is ours. Nay to Azhwan himself because of whose
relation Shri Ramanuja himself considered he was blessed!!. 

There was a great display of fire works. Bhagwathas bursted into sweet
carols in praise of Azhwan, having all their fears dispelled with Azhwan's

Finally Azhwan returned back to the temple after Veedhi uLa. It was morning
3:30am when Azhwan was returned to Gopura vAsal. A great crowd of
SriVaishnavas, had already assembled at the Gopura vAsal to welcome Azhwan(
or rather to be welcomed by Azhwan ???). Quickly Azhwan enters the sannidhi
vasal where Parkusa Parakala Yathivarathighal(Namalzhwar Kaliyan and
Udaiyavar sannidhi's) are waitings eagerly to welcome Azhwan who has
brought( rather bought ??) lot of presents for them. 

What presents ? We jivas, who have faithfully accepted Azhwan as our only
refuge. Indeed it is this present that our Poorvachariyars, Azhwars and
Emperuman Sriman Narayanan want. After this Azhwan circumlates the sannidhis
of our achariyas dancing in escatasy. A special team of Sri Padam Thangigal
had volunteered to perform Oyyari nadai of Azhwan. Atleast 5 to 6 different
types of dances, were displayed by Azhwan in repeated sucession for about 1
and half hours. This is what adiyen enjoyed the most.

(Adiyen anubhavan, why AZhwan who came walking to Azhwan Achariyar sannidhi
has suddenly starting dancing ??)

1. Till now Azhwan was burdened by the weight of OUR sins and apacharams.
Azhwan is shouldering our sins because, we have taken refuge in Azhwan.

2. He had withdrawn all fears from our hearts and is having it in his heart.
So he is rushed to Emperumnar's sannidhi to rid our( now his) fears.

3. Till reaching the sannidhi of Bhagvath Ramanujar, Azhwan is afraid
whether Emperumanar will  embrace us( the presents of Azhwan) as much as he
would embrace Azhwan himself.

Now seeing the pleasant smile of Bhaghawat Ramanujar, Azhwan is assured that
He has indeed presented the very presents which Emperumanar wanted. Moreover
it appears that Yathirajar has accepted these presents, for the very reason
than they were brought by Azhwan). Thus having got rid of his burden he
dances away to his sannidhi

Its morning 4:30am. Azhwan in now seated in front of his sannidhi. The last
decad of Thivaimozhi was recited with great fervour by the 50 to 60 Sri
Vaishnavas. This was followed by UpadesaRathnaMalai recital of Periya Jiyar.
The goshti was conclued with Varadharajastavam and VazhiThirunaman of the
Emperumanar, Azhwan and other achariyars. 

It is an experience which is beyound words to describe, beyound just 2 eyes
given to us to see, beyond just 2 hands given to serve, beyond just one
tougue given to serve, beyond just the meagre memory given to remember,
beyond just one heart to cherish. 

I really pity myself for having not tasted this nectar(though I had every
opportunity to take it under the wings of my maternal grandfather), full of
special mercy of Azhwan for so many years, nay, should  i say so many births

Adiyen would conclude by saying if at all we could express our respect for
Azhwan who has taught us how to pay respect to our Poorvachariyars in Guru
Paramparai, it is only by being AZHWANS presents to Emperumanar by our
presence at the auspicious Kooram on Jan 26, 2000 AD. This being a national
holiday in India, we should take this as a very special mercy of Azhwan to
present ourself to Azhwan's grace and be presented to Emperumanar by Azhwan.

Aravinda Lochana Ramanuja dasan.

Azhwar Emperumanar JIyer Thiruvadighalae charanam