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thirup pAvai - part 57 - "kainkaryam" - oru poruL viLakkam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 04:26:20 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

nArAyaNaNE namakkE paRai tharuvAn.

thirup pAvai - part 57 - "paRai" as kainkaryam - oru poruL viLakkam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	"paRai" is seen by  many as  kainkarya  prApthi.  In
order to understand what is kainkarya prApthi we must  first
look   into  the   etymology  of  the  word  kainkaryam  and 
understand what  is  kainkaryam  in  simple  terms. The word  
kainkaryam is derived as the act of a  "kinkaran".  KinkarAs 
are those who obey the orders of  their leaders without  any 
hesitation   and   execute   it  in  military  style.  Their  
viswasasm or loyalty is unshakable like a mountain. All they 
do is whatever  their  thalivar or leader  wants them to do. 
There is a normal belief that haran or  sankaran's  army  is 
known as kinkarAL.  

	There  is  also  a  notion that the thoodhALs of Sri 
yama dharma rAja is known as kinkarALs. In  both  cases  the 
disciples execute the order of the leader so sincerely   and  
without any interruptions they made "lakkanam" for obedience 
itself and that the name of any  act of a  shishyAL  carried 
over with utmost sincerity is names after them as kainkaryam. 
So when we say there are two important components in it. One 
is the act must be commanded by an AchAryA or a bAgawathA or 
Lord HIMself (through the holy scriptures and shAshtram). ie 
Someone has to assign us. We cannot  do  anyhting due to our 
own "icchai".   The  second component is doing it wih utmost 

	There is also a  view   prevalent  from  Sri putthur 
Srinivasa swamigaL "Is there a Father who donot feed HIS own
son ? Is there a sareeri who donot take care of HIS sareeram?
When it is stated earlier that mOksham is given  by Lord Sri
nAryAyaNan at  the  end  of  the  birth  for those  who have  
performed   this  nOnbu.  What  is  one   going   to  do  in 
SriVaikundam ? Are the prpapannAs not going to do kainkaryam 
as a "dAsan" or dAsi in Srivaikundam to the divya dampathis ? 
Yes. So the meaning for the word  paRai as kaimkarya prApthi 
is also derived from the conception of mOksham as  the  main  
meaning.  Kainkarya prApthi means the yOgam or koduppinai or  
blessings to do kainkaryam.  It  is  not  kainkaryam  itself
because  the   benefit  of  kainkaryam  is  for  the   divya 
dampathis. Only the blessings to do kainkaryam  is  given to 
us. So  one  should  not  mix  up between  kainkaryam    and 
kainkarya  prApthi when we conceive the meaning for the word 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan 

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