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Re: Periya Thirumozhi- 1.5- SaaLagraamam - a doubt.

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 12:58:31 PST

We are really blessed to have members who ask such
good questions and give equally good and profound 
answers. It is very heartening to see such discussions
started by Sri Madhavakkannan's Periya Thirumozhi

His post on the first thirumozhi (vaadinEn) induced
me to read the commentary of Sri Periyavaaccaan Pillai.
This vyaakhyaanam is truly a gem of a work; the more
one reads it, the more one feels that even the title
"vyaakhyaana chakravarthi" (emperor among commentators)
is not a suitable plaudit for the great acharya.

Coming back to the vaadinEn paasuram, where Alvar bemoans
his past and declares his good fortune at receiving the
divine name "Narayana", Sri PVP comments on the word
"naamam" (name), and the proper conditions for reciting the
Lord's name:

    By specifically using the word "name", this paasuram
    says that the "right place" is whatever place one is in, 
    the "right time" is whenever one desires to say it, 
    and the "right person" is simply one who declares 
    "Let's say it!". 

    Nanjiyar once asked Bhattar, "Does one have to be pure/
    purify oneself (ritually or otherwise) before reciting 
    the tirumantram?" 

    "No," he graciously replied.  "Should one take a dip in
    salt water before taking a bath in the Ganga? Its greatness 
    gives you everything you need; won't this itself 
    (the tirumantram or the Ganga) remove all the impurity  
    that you think disqualifies you?"

[original below]

What a wonderful statement of the greatness of the mantram!
Never be hesitant or concerned about your purity or worthiness,
the commentary says.

thirumangai aazhvaar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam



Original text: 

    "naamam" engaiyaalE irundhapadiyE udhdhESyam, iccai
    piRandhapOdhE kaalam, colluvOm enRavan adhikaari

    "thirumanthram collumpOdhu prayatharaaykkoNdu colla
     vENumO vEndaavO?" enRu jeeyar bhattaraik kEtka,

    "vENdaa", enRu aruLicceydhaar. "gangai aadappOm avanukku
    naduvE oru uvarkkuzhiyilE muzhukippOkavENumO? in nanmai
    ellaam uNdaakkappugukiRadhu, keezhayOgyathai iththanaiyum
    pOkkamaattaadhO?" enRu aruLicceydhaar.