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sALagrAmaththu adigaL

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 11:45:27 PST

    Sri MadhavakkaNNan's vyAkyAnam is wonderful, Sri NarayaNan set a
nice platform by asking a question, Sri Sadagopan and Sri MadhavakkaNNan
made good use of the platform and added beauty to it by their anubhavam
filled explanations. This is the typical aruLichcheyal pArambharyam
(tradition). I really enjoy this. This is how it should be. We should
discuss these over and over  to our heart's content.

    Sri MadhavakkaNNan made an apt reference to the usage of 'Gandhi
adigaL'. It is used with utmost reverence. The feet of a godly person is
traditionally used to symbolize the person. It is very much like how we
wear thirumaN on our forehead to symbolize the feet of sriman nArAyaNAn.
Let me quote the much talked about last pAsuram here.

thaaraavaarumvayalsoozhnNdha saaLakkiraamatthadigaLai,
kaaraarpuRavinmangkaivEnNdhan kaliyanolisey thamizhmaalai,
aaraarulagatthaRivudaiyaar amararnNannaattarasaaLa,
pEraayiramumOdhumingaL anRiyivaiyEpidhaRRuminE.       1.5.10

In the prose form, it is read in this sequence:

ulagaththu arivudaiyAr ArAr, amarar nal nAdu arasu ALa pEr Ayiramum
OdhumingaL -
    Those wise men who wish to rule (live in)  the sri vaikuNtam recite
the 1000 names.

anRi - Otherwise
[ Just blabber these 10 pAsurams that I (kaliyan) have sung in praise of
the Lord of sALagrAmam]

kArAr puRavil maN^gai vEn^dhan kaliyan - kaliyan (and his greatness)

thArA Arum vayal choozhn^dha  sALagrAmaththu - the city of sALagrAmam
(and its greatness)

(sALagrAmaththu) adigaLai  - The great Lord of sALagrAmam being
symbolized by his Holy Feet

(sALagrAmaththu adigaLai ) oli sey thamizh mAlai - The greatness of the
Lord, symbolized by His holy feet, is set to music through these thamizh
If symbolizing the Lord by His feet is one level of sowlabhyam
(accessibility), our dear AzhvAr goes one step ahead and has made it
much easier by setting it to music thus extending the sowlabhyam
further. Who else can express sowlabhyam better than our dearest
We are so blessed that Sri MadhavakkaNNan is writing commentary for
these kaliyan oli mAlai.

ivaiyE pidhaRRumin - just blabber these pAsurams.

Just my pidhaRRals,
(Vijay Triplicane)

Vijay Triplicane