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Re: Digest bhakti.v003.n261

From: M. Tandy (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 07:47:59 PST

> I only have a comment on one small part of what Srimahavishnu
> wrote:
> > most of the
> > rAmAnandIs have "dAs" at the end of their initiated name while rAmAnujIs
> > normally used to have "AchArI".
> In old maNipravALa texts such as the guru parampara prabhAvam
> and periya thirumudi adaivu, the names of many Sri Vaishnava 
> acharyas also contain the suffix "dAsa", Tamilized to "dAsar".
> Perhaps this was an ancient tradition passed on to the 
> Ramanandis in the North.  
	I have a similar question. It seems to me that the RAmAnandIs in
the North place greater emphasis on the name of RAma (cf. RAma-nAmIs,
etc.) than do the ZrI vaiSNavas in the South. Is this so? Certainly
TulasIdAsa, whether he is a RAmAnandI or not, stresses the Lord's name
almost as much as do the followers of ZrI Caitanya. But perhaps I'm just
ignorant of the Southern tradition.