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thirup pAvai - part 55 - "paRai" - Oru poruL viLakkam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 03:56:35 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

nArAyaNaNE namakkE paRai tharuvAn.

thirup pAvai - part 55 - "paRai" - Oru poruL viLakkam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	The tamil word paRai has several meanings. This word
was inactive usage long long ago. Howver this word is  still
in usage in other dravidian language  frequently.  The  word
"paRai"  is  used  a few times (pasurams 25,26, 27)  by  Sri 
ANDAL in  thirup pAvai.  For  centuries  now,  several tamil 
scholars and AchAryAs  have conceived  several  meanings for 
"paRai" and yet a consensus have not be been achieved.  Each  
one   have  used  the  word according to their own exposure,  
anubavam and affiliations. When it is  such a  big  task  to 
untie this knot I am not going to take anysides and  instead 
will respect all the vyAkyAnams and will present some common 
meanings first and will as well attempt to present  adiyEn's 
own anubavam.

	The tamil  word  "paRai"  is  used  by  Sri ANDAL in 
different places with different meanings, and in each  place
with several  layers  of  inner  meanings.  The word "paRai" 
first means "mOksham". The word has  several  meanings  as a 
noun, as a verb, a verbal noun and as an object or an object 
derived from a verbal noun. It  also  means  "aruL" (*).  It 
means kaimkarya prApthi. It means "tell"  or "to  tell".  It 
also means  speak  or  to  speak.  It  also means "utter" or 
"to utter" means. It  means a "drum" that was used in  olden  
days to announce the royal decree loud in public places.  It 
is called as "paRai sARRuthal" in  tamil, where as this word 
"sARRu" is also similar  to its use in sARRumurRai.  "paRai" 
means conch or sangu. It means  light  or  "Oli".  It  means 
desire. It means to teach.  The word "paRai"  is  also  used  
as  verbal noun or in tamil grammar known as  "vinaip peyar" 
as "Sonnathu or  sollap pattadhu"  or  "that which is told",
"that which is taught, that which is talked,  that  which is 
desired, that which is spoken, and that  which is  told.

	In this verse Sri ANDAL, alludes first to the  palan
of the nOnbu as "paRai". The nOnbu that is being observed is
saranagathi nOnbu.  The palan that is sought is mOksham. How
ever, Sri ANDAL calls all the Aaychiars openly,  to have Sri 
Krishna anubavam. Sri Kirshna anubavam is  also  similar  to 
being in moksham.  Where  ever  the  Lord is,  that place is 
considered similar  to  moksam.  It can be   is HIS "arcchA" 
as Lord Sri Ranganatha for whom Sri Thondar adip podi AzhwAr 
delivered that "icchuvai thavira yAn inthira lOgam  vENdEn". 
ie., "I donot want any other bOgam such as inthira lOgam and 
this thiru arangam itself is similar to Srivaikundam for me".

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan 

(*) Note: Please   read from the Sarangathi Jouranl archives  
for little more info on "aruL".

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