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thirup pAvai - part 54 - "namakkE" - AkinchaNyan Ana namakkE-

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 03:45:10 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

nArAyaNaNE namakkE paRai tharuvAn.

thirup pAvai - part 54 - "namakkE" - Akinchanyan Ana namakkE-

Dear bAgawathAs,

      Sriman nArAyaNA owns all the jivAtmAs as HIS possession.
It is HIS bound duty to save us. HE cares for all the  AthmAs 
that HE is owning. If at all anyone  who  must  worry for us, 
then it must be the Lord who must worry for us.  It  is   the 
norm that only the  owner  must  worry  about safekeeping and 
retaining HIS possessions. Why must we worry ?  Lord  HIMself 
said later in Srimadh bagwath  Geetha  that  "mAa  suchA"  or 
"donot  worry", menaing "the worry about you is MINE  and not 
yours". ie.,  We  are  all  the sole property of  Lord Sriman  
nArAyaNan HIMself. "nArAyaNanukkE"  uriyavarkaL nAm ellAm. So 
"nArAyaNanE nammakku paRai tharuvAn"  or HE will HIMself save 

          The word "nammkkE" also conveys that we donot have 
any yOgyathai or "kai muthal" or qualifications such that we
can seek any other mArgam to attain HIM. We look upon HIM to
render us the salvation. We are Akinchanyan. ie those who do
not  have  any  "yOgyathai" with  us  to perform  any useful 
mArgam (*). It is said that the use of "EkAram" at the  word 
"namakkE" conveys our inability (kArpanyam) and Akinchanyam.
If HE is not going to save those who have no other yOgyathai
than performing this saranAgathi nOnbu,  then  who else will 
HE save ? HE will save us only or HE will deliver the palans 
to us only who are looking  upon  HIM  to  bless  us.  "avan 
kaiyyai ethir nOkkiy irukkum namakkE avan paRai tharuvAn".

	Sri ANDAL delivered this grantham in Aaychiar bhAvam.
So the literal meaning here for "namakkE" the inferior souls
are  implied  for Aaychairs.  But then from the beginning we 
are  taking  the  concept  that  these  Aaychiars  symbolize 
jivAtmAS here. This  shAsthram  is  delivered  for  all  the 
jivAtmAs who have come here and are going to come. Some also 
take  that  this  word "namakkE" includes everyone who reads 
oe hears this thiruppAvai vyAkyAnams. It includes Sri ANDAL, 
her associates the Aaychiars, and all of  us  who had so for 
read it or heard it and are reading it, or  hearing  it  and 
will read it or will hear it. This "nAm" is inclusive of all 
those  who  are  one  time  or the other  read  or hear this 
saranAgathi shAstram. One day  or  the  other  the lord will 
bless them all for sure, by directing them to an AchAryA and 
will enable them perform this nOnbu and will bless them  the  
mOksham through them. This line of vyAkyAnam is validated at
the last pasuram. We will deal it in detail when we come  to
the last pasuram later.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

(*) note: For  little  more  information,  Please  read  the 
articles on kArpanyam and Akicnhanyam  from the  Saranagathi  
journal archives at
htm#4. SaraNagathi - part 10 - kArpaNyam through
htm#4. Saranagathi - Part 12 - Akinchanyam

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