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Periya Thirumozhi- 1.5- SaaLagraamam adai nenjE!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 02:33:45 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

After singing mangaLaasaasanam on BadrI Narayanan, ThirumangaiAzhwAr 
proceeds to SaaLagraamam Divya dEsam. This Divya dEsam is in Nepal. 
Moolavar: SrI Moorthy, ninRa thirukkOlam (Stnading posture); PiraaTTi: 
SrI Devi naacchiyaar; Theertham: Chakra theertham; KaNdaki river. The 
SaaLagraamams that we worship at home with Thiruvaaradhanam every 
mornings, are found in this river KaNdaki. It is the Lord’s Sarva 
solwabhyam that He stays permanently in these saaLagraamams in the same 
pristine glory as he exists in Parama padham and all Divya desams. (His 
mercy/dayA, compassion, sowlabhyam is beyond what one can imagine. 
"vandharuLi ennenjidam koNda vaanavar kozhundhE…". "etthiRam 
iNaindhiRandhEngiya eLivE!": are the lovely anubhavams of our dearest 
NammAzhwAr.) Prathyaksham at saaLagraama Divya dEsam to BrahmA, Ridhran 
and KaNdaki. Sung by PeriyAzhwAr and ThirumangaiAzhwAr. Visited also by 

It is about ~170 miles from KaatmaNdu, on the way to mukthi Narayana 
kshEthram. Some say it is the mukthi Narayana kshEthram itself that is 
called SaaLagraamam. Others claim that it is only DamOdharakunT, that is 
SaaLgraama Divya dEsam. (Elders may clarify please!)

1. Emperumaan- Sri Ramapiraan- the One who crossed the dense forests, 
(where deer, elephants, horses, loiter freely), reached the battle field 
with His bow and arrows, by building a mountain bridge across the ocean 
on the sea waters, killed the ten headed rAvaNan,(who had huge tall 
ramparts and the deep oceans for the protection of his palace, who had 
the strongest weapons obtained from Devas, the king of demons), stays at 
this sthalam SaaLagraamam. Oh mind! Reach this sthalam!
2. Big elephants, healthy horses, thunderous chariots (thunderous 
movements on the earth), tons of army men, are all grouped together in 
indescribable fashion – and that was destroyed completely at lankA and 
torn apart by the sharp arrows of Raamapiraan. Such Greatest Lord is 
worshipped by Devas and all those on the Earth at this SaaLagraamam 
Divya dEsam that is surrounded by beautiful ponds filled with lovely 
fragrant lowers on its waters. Oh mind! Reach this place now!
3. The wavy oceans, huge mountains, Time, eight directions, bright moon, 
Sun, darkness, and everything in this universe- in all and each one of 
them, He is inside as the antharyaami in them; He is the Most victorious 
One who has Conch and ChakrA in His Hands; He is the DevAadhi Devan 
(Chief of Devas); He is the enemy to the asurAs who do not pay obeisance 
to Him and antagonise Him by troubling His BhagwathAs; - Such Greatest 
Emperumaan is here at SaaLagraamam, which is surrounded by holy waters; 
Reach this sthalam, Oh mind!
4. Emperumaan- Sri Moorthy- is the One, who is at Thiruvooragam; 
PurushOtthaman who is at Thirukkudanthai; Ramapiraan, who devastated the 
asura kulam with His bow; Lord, who is having His YoganithrA at 
ThiruppEr, surrounded by Cauvery; The One who has thousand Divine Names; 
The One who wears the most fragrant ThUlasi maalai (Garland) on his 
Chest, is staying at SaaLagraamam, full of fertile fields, where thaaraa 
water birds (Saarasa PaRavai) live in. Oh mind! Reach this Divine Divya 
5. When SoorpaNakai (rAvaNan’s sister) came with a vociferous noise, 
Emperumaan made her shout with tremendous pains opening her huge cave 
like mouth, by cutting her nose (through IlayAzhwAn- LakshmaNan). He is 
the One who has the Divine Conch in His Hand; The Chief of NithyasUris; 
The One who lifted the Govardhana mountain as a shelter for the cattle, 
and saved them from torrential rains; - Such Greatest Emperumaan is 
staying at SaaLagraamam, surrounded by charming ponds. Oh mind! Reach 
this place immediately!
6. The life ("uyir") of Puthanai, who came in the guise of a mother, 
thayir (curd) and veNNai (butter) were all eaten by Emperumaan KaNNan; 
(one should read the pAsuram; for its rhyming uyirum and thayirum- 
lovely pAsuram!) The One, who should NOT and need NOT and is NOT AT ALL 
QUALIFIED EVEN to go for yaachakam from others- took Vaamana avtaar and 
went to mahAbhali saying "Give me three measures of sand ("earth")";  
when bhali agreed to offer, IMMDIATELY, then and there He took the HUGE 
form of Trivikraman and measured the whole universe in two steps; - Such 
"Kaayaampoo" Kaayaa flower coloured Lord- Blue hued Lord- Emperumaan 
stays permanently at SaaLagraamam. Oh mind! Reach this place! (This 
reminds me of PeriyAzhwAr pAsuram where as YashOdhA he sang calling the 
moon to entertain and play with the Kutti KaNNan; he says "Oh moon! 
Don’t neglect and ignore his calling you thinking that he is quite small 
and only a kid. I suppose you know what happened to bhali who 
underestimated the smallness of the Lord!")
7. Lord- the One who took the form of Narasimhan (who took such an 
avtaar terrorising the asurA kingdom as a whole) and tore the huge broad 
chest of strong hiraNyan in a fierce battle with hiraNyan; the 
unparalleled, limitless, unbounded Lord- the One who is the Moon, the 
Sun, the Space, the Fire, the Air, the Mountains, anything and 
everything- the One who has got the most Blissful, Most Beautiful, Most 
Divine, ThiorumEni (Divine Body) of unparalleled Beauty; - He is here at 
SaaLagraamam; Oh mind! Reach this Greatest sthalam!
8. Sivan- wearing the burnt up, dried up, human bones, and the ashes on 
his body; holding the human skull on his hands and wandered all over the 
worlds and the entire universe looking for someone to alleviate and 
remove his sin (of having committed the sin of plucking BrahmA’s head) 
and finally came to our Emperumaan and pleaded "oh my father! Please 
remove my sin!" ("endhaay! Saapam theer"). The Lord, by offering a drop 
let of His nectarine Sweat from His Beautiful Divine Chest in his skull, 
Sivan could get rid of his sins (Look at the way Emperumaan comes to the 
rescue!)- Such Greatest Lord is here at SaaLagraamam, surrounded by 
Sandal trees. Oh mind! Reach this sthalam!
9. BhagawathOttamas- The devotees who always at all times offer their 
service to only Emperumaan, Nithya Sooris, Brahmins (who wear the 
PooNool), - all of them come flocking to this sthalam saying "This Lord 
of all- Th Primordial Chief of the Universe should come and bless us". 
Such a temple Divya Desam is SaaLagraamam, which is surrounded by lovely 
gardens and beautiful ponds, wherein the Lotus flowers bloom when the 
lovely fish jumps into the buds (What a narration of beauty and 
imagination by the Poetic AzhwAr!). Oh mind! Reach this beautiful 
Holiest sthalam SaaLagraamam!
10. Should all sensible fellows in this world wish to rule the world of 
Nithya Sooris, all that they need to do: is to utter the thousand Divine 
names of Emperumaan Sriya:Pathih Sriman Narayanan OR read these ten 
pAsurams (or its meanings) on SaaLagraamam Divya Desam Emperumaan, which 
have been sung by Thirumangai mannan. (Interesting word in the last line 
of this pAsuram: "pEr aayiramum OdhumingaL; anRu (OR) ivaiyE 
pidhaRRuminE". PidhaRRuminE- means Ramble or blabber these pAsurams; 
Mumukshupadi says "this means: even if the kramam is lost or destroyed 
unintentionally, even then its beauty or its nature ( swaroopam) does 
NOT get altered; "sollum kramam ozhiyach chonnaalum than swaroopam keda 
nillaadhu".- adadaaaa… )

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan 

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