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ThiruvAimozhi 7th decad vyAkhyAnam release

From: T.V.Venkatesh (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 20:39:59 PST

                             SrimathE NArAyaNAya Namaha

Yesterday, 8th February 1999, marked one of the important days in the 
lives of SrivaishNavites. The occasion is the release of the 
vyAkhyAnam for the 7th decad of ThiruvAimozhi. It was release on Thai 
mAsam VisAkha Nakshathiram day.

It was a grand function in ThiruvallikkENi Sri PArthasArathy swAmi 
temple in the evening. Unfortunately, adiyEn could make it only late 
due to my official committments. The book was released by Sri 
vELukkuDi KrishNan swAmi in memory of his profound scholar father Sri 
vELukkuDi VaradhAchAriAr swAmi.

The occasion was marked by the presence of eminent scholars like
Dr. Sri. M.A.VenkatakrishNan swAmi, Sri. Srivilliputtur KaNNan swAmi, 
Sri K.B.DEvarAjan swAmi, Sri V.V.RAmAnujam swAmi, Sri 
StalasayathuraivAr swAmi and 3 other persons whom adiyEn don't know 
by name and missed their introductions as adiyEn was late for the 
function. However one amongst them was the author of the "Sri 
VaishNava Sri" publications.

All of the above swAmi's delivered  a short note on the importance of 
buying such books and enriching our spiritual knowledge. A small 
summary of whatever adiyEn could hear inspite of late attendance is 
as below.

However, adiyEn missed the addressing  of Sri vELukkuDi swAmi. 

Sri VVR swAmi explained the difficulties one had faced in publishing 
such beautiful works by our AzhwArs and AchAryAs during the earlier 
days when much lesser infrastructure was available. He also recalled 
that during the older days, one has to prepare the notes themselves 
as sung beautifully by Thirumazhisai AzhwAr in NAnmugan 
ThiruvandhAdhi pAsuram No. 63, " .....therithezhudhi vAsithum kEttum 
vaNangi vazhipaTTum pUsitthum pOkkinEn pOdhu".  But nowadays we don't 
have to do that hardwork to have such vyAkhyAnams as they are being 
published by someone and readily available for sale. So we should buy 
and encourage such publishers for bringing out more and more books on 
our SrivaishNavism.

Sri K.B DEvarAjan swAmi, delivered a very short addressed in which he 
also said in the same lines as to we should encourage such 
publishers. He added further saying that even though we may not 
understand the vyAkhyAnams now, but atleast at a point of time in our 
life one may develop interest and at that time we should not be 
stranded for want of the book. As aptly pointed out by  
BoothathAzhwAr in his IranDAm thiruvandhAdhi, pAsuram No. 15 
"...vanathiDarai yEriyAm vaNNam iyaRRum idhuvallAl mAriyAr peygiRppAr 
maRRu". The actual meaning of this pAsuram is different. It is with 
reference to the saraNAgati context. As very clearly pointed out by 
Sri PiLLai LOkAchAryAr in Sri Vachana BhooshaNam, mOksham is granted 
by Sriman NArAyaNan, only as per his own wish. No other acts of 
whatever nature is an upAyam for attaining mOksham. Example, is the 
saraNAgati of Sri BharathAzhwan. Every thing was as per the books 
when he made saraNAgati, pirATTi was there to do the purushakAram 
etc., but his saraNAgati went futile. This clearly shows that even 
though we perform saraNAgati, it is only when He wishes, He will 
grant us the mOksham. But this raises a question as to why we should 
perform saraNAgati, if that could also go futile. The answer is the 
pAsuram referred above. We build lakes for storing rain water. Does 
it rain just because we have built the lakes. No. If it is not why 
should we build the lakes. Because without the lakes the rain water 
will go waste without a storing point. Sriman NArAyaNan's kaDAksham 
is like the rain. It will pour only when He wishes. So when He is 
granting us the mOksha, we should be qualified to receive it, which 
is why we should perform saraNAgati. Likewise, atleast after 20 years 
or 30 years, when we develop interest in these vyAkhyAnams we should 
not be stranded for want of the book so we should buy these books now 
as and when available eventhough we may not have interest now.

While Sri VenkatakrishNan swAmi was delivering his address adiyEn had 
to leave the place to attend my Sandhai, 2nd day (One should not miss 
the 2nd class for a lesson). However adiyEn  will try to gather the 
happenings of the remaining 20 minutes and try to present it 

The book was released by Sri vELukkuDi KrishNan swAmi and was 
received by Sri Raja Bhattar of PArthasArathy swAmi temple. This was 
released in commemoration of Sri vELukkuDi VaradhAchAriAr swAmi.

adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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