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RE: Placement of Lord rAma, sItA pirATTi etc.

From: Anantha Krishna (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 10:46:46 PST

>Usually Thayar moolavar vigrahams, are such that, the left hand/palm 
>down to the Thiruvadi, and the right hand/palm 
>in blessing posture, indicating surrender to me and I will take care.

>Sriram Ranganathan

Dear Bhakthi list members,

This is my first mail to this group. I am just a reader of the postings. 
I just found this yesterday and felt like sharing it.
When I visited the Malibu temple near LA, I found that in the Sri rAmar 
sannidhi at one of the corners of the temple, the Thayar vigraham had 
the left hand/palm pointing down to the ground, instead of the Thiruvadi 
(as the Thayar vigraham was placed to the left of Sri rAmar) and the 
right hand/palm in blessing posture. 

Anantha Krishna

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