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thirup pAvai - part 53 - "namakkE" - aRiyAp pEthaikaLukkE -

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 04:41:13 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

nArAyaNaNE namakkE paRai tharuvAn.

thirup pAvai - part 53 - "namakkE" - aRiyAp pEthaikaLukkE -

Dear bAgawathAs,

 	We  mentioned at  the  beginning of the vyAkyAnam for 
this verse that the EkAram conveys double meanings when it is
affixed to a noun. It may be addressing a superior one or  an
inferior one. When the (the letter "yE" at the end of a word)
"EkAram" in the word "nArAyaNaNE" conveys superior nature  of
the Lord. Sri ANDAL in her classic poetic style  address  the 
other use of this "EkAram" in her very next word  "namakkE".
Though we see one patham or meaning for  the  word  "namakkE" 
earlier, the most suitable meaning when used in this word for 
this word is  as follows.

	The word meaning is derived as  "nAm"  (we),  namakku  
(for us), and namakkE (Even for us). The word "namakkuk kooda"
ie even for we the inferior souls the Lord will bless. It was
earlier said that Aaychiars donot know "idakkai and valakkai"
or they donot know as to which is thier left,   and which  is 
their right hand and they are so ignorant and illiterate. Our
Lord will bless "even such an inferior soul" who  donot  even
have any  fundamental  knowledge  of  themselves. "appErpatta 
nArAyaNaNE, ippErpatta  namakkE  paRai  tharuvAn". ie.,  Such 
superior Lord Sriman nArAyaNan HIMself will bless EVEN us the
Aaychiars who are so inferior and ignorant a living being. We 
have to pause here and think  for   a moment. ie., One way to
take is that,  if our superior Lord HIMself is going to bless
even the  inferior  souls  directly,  everyone else  is  also 
encouraged to do this nOnbu and get HIS blessings directly as
well.  HE  will  bless everyone  of us who are observing this 
nOnbu.  There  is  no doubt in it. Such assertion is conveyed 
and everyone is encouraged here to  perform  this  sarangathi 

	Didn't we  say "nEr izhiyeer" earlier  implying  that 
these  Aaychiars   are  jivAtmAs  who   have  attained  Athma 
suddhi and have  understood the  relationship  between  jivan  
and Eswaran ? How come  we  are  now  saying  that  they  are 
ignorant and illiterate etc ? 

	Aaychiars  know  Sri Krishna  very well. If one knows 
Sri Krishna very well. it is equivalent to knowing everything
including all the thatthuva rahasyams.  Sri  Krishna  HIMself 
said "so" later in  Srimadh  bagawadh  GeethA.  Aaychiars, in  
addition never sought to learn  or  know anything other  than 
Lord Sri  krishna.   "KrishNanai   thavira   vERu   onRaiyumE  
vEndAthavargaL" (*). This itself made their  Athma suddhi and 
they  are "nEr  izhiyeer"  due  to this. This  being the case 
who else can  be  the  best  candidate  to  earn  the  direct 
blessings from the  Lord ?  Even  in  the  pasruams  that are 
following this theme of  "idakkai   valakkai  aRiyAthavar" is  
repetaed  to  show   how   ignorant  these Aaychiars are. 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

note: Srimad Azhagiya Singar  in  his  latest tele  upanyAsam 
narrated as to  who  Sri Battar will treat a learned  scholar 
somewhat indifferent and an ignorat bhakthA with all sraddhai.
The learned scholar was always having a confusion in HIS mind
on parathatthuva nirNayam having studied too many scriptures.
While the ignorant one  doesnot  conceive  anyone  other than 
Sriman nArAyaNa as para deivam as similar to Aaychiars.

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