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From: M. Tandy (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 13:02:05 PST

>   OM SrI KrishNAya namah.  
>            My praNAmams to all of you.
	Namas te.

> In fact, SrI rAmAnandAchArya belonged to SrI sampradAyam but
> relaxed/diluted many rules of it.Most of the U P VaishNavas belong to
> rAmAnanda sampradAya and ayOdhyA can be called the hub of their 
> activities.
	This is a relatively recent development. Most of the major  
temples and RAmAnanda institutions in Ayodhya now were established
within the last 200 years or so. An earlier center was Galta, near Jaipur.
Some early followers of RAmAnanda were KRSNadAsa PayAhArI and AgradAsa.
The latter was the guru of NAbhAdAsa, author of the famous BhaktamAl--
a medieval biography of celebrated devotees, including RAmAnujAcArya,
and earliest source of information for many bhakti-kAla poets. TulasIdAsa
was one of these poets, but he wasn't certainly a RAmAnandI. While early
followers of RAmAnanda (if not RAmAnanda himself) displayed a tendency for
Sant (nirguNa) devotion, later RAmAnandIs fairly copied the devotional
ideals of the KRSNa poets, transposing these into a "RAma-rasika" bhakti.
But this is distinct from the RAmAnuja traditions of the South.	

>        now i would like to inform SrI Tandy that Vrindavan is not a Divya
> DESam. A DD is the one which is praised by ALwArs in their hymns.
>                                               adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
>                                                V.Srimahavishnu  
	Thanks for clarifying this.