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Re: KooratthAzhwAn Thirunakshathram (thai hastham)

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 07:58:39 PST

Sri Venkata Gurave nama:

Most Dear Sri.Madava kannan,

I Thank you for your writing on Kuresa vaibhavam.

Sri Koorthalwan(Original Name:Srivathsangan) was a Small King of Kooram( 
village Hardly 8 k.m. from Kanchi),  left all his wealth to rally behind 
Our Emperumanar.

though elder to Our Udayavar, he took him as his Acharyan as Sri 
MadavaKannan Points out, he palyed an  important role for SriRamanuja's 
Sri Bashyam When he read the scripts overnight before the library was 
burnt down by enimies.

SriKoortahalwan is also known for his humbleness.
as SriThiruvarangathu Amudanar(Ramanuja noortru andanthi) points out, he 
was a person who crossed  3 most important pitfall human beings usually 
fall. they are 

1. proud that you are learned.
2. proud that you are wealthy
3. proud that you are born in so called high caste.

like Swamy Desikan in our sampradayam, his works on sanskrit shows his 
mastery over his language skills.

(i welcome well learnt members to translate some of great works such as 
sundara baghu stavam)

he is considered as one who lost his Darsanam(vision) for Emperumanar's 
Darsanam(name given to our sampradayam)

there is a story that Sri Rmannuja was slightly afraid that he would not 
be granted paramapadam as he went against thiru koshtiyur nambi(Gopuram 
episode) since he committed Bagavata abacharam.

when he heard that Sri Koorthalwan was Granted Moksham By Sri Varadaraja 
for Sri Alwan and all who belonged to Sri Alwan, Sri Ramanuja throw away 
his red robe in escatsy saying that he belonged to Alwan and moksham for 
him is assured.

Sri Ramanuja Considered Sri Alwan as his Pavithram and Sri Mudaliyandan 
as His thandam.

Such was the greatness of Sri Alwan.

i suggest to our esteemed members to vist kooram whenever you happened 
to come to Kanchi.

SRivatha chinna MIsrebyo nama yukthi mathi mahe,
yathuktya stareyee kande, yanthi mangala Suthratham.

Sri Koorathalwan Thiruvadigale Saranam.



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