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thirup pAvai - part 49 - "EkAram" - a tamil explanation

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 04:19:50 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

nArAyaNaNE namakkE paRai tharuvAn.

thirup pAvai - part 49 - "EkAram" - a tamil explanation

Dear bAgawathAs,

      The word nArAyaNA is also referred to state that sriman 
nArAyaNan is the only  siddha upAyam, prabAgam, ie., route or 
means. The letter "yE" at  the  end  of  the  nArAyaNa  nAmam
is also known as "EkAram". It makes this nAmam very  special,  
in its context in this line or verse of this pAsuram. In some 
simple  tamil  usage,  the "EkAram" when used as an affix for 
the  nouns   (peyars),  can  be  understood  in  a couple  of 
different ways. ie, When it is said as "nArAyaNaNE, a literal
sense can bring in 2 meanings. ie the "EkAram" can be affixed 
to a tamil noun for  superior most person and as well for the 
the inferior person.  (periya   oruvarE   tharuvAr, ie.,  the 
superior most person HIMself (EkAram)  will  provide,  periya 
oruvanukkAka kAkka thEvaiyillAi intha siRiyavanE tharuvAn, ie
you donot  have  to wait for the supeior most (Sri KrishnA to
ascend as a parabrahmam when  the  avathAram  is  complete as 
similar to Sri RAma avathAram. ie Many ascended *along*  with 
Sri Rama at the end of the Sri rAma avathAram when  Sri  rAmA
revealed  HIS  para swaroopam and  ascended to Srivaikundam). 
But  this "siriyAn" or  small looking person (at the  time of Aaychiars 
doing this nOnbu Sri krishnan was very  young)  who 
is the son of Sri yasOdhai   and  Sri nadagOpar  will HIMself 
(EkAram for a  small person)  will  HIMself  provide  us  our blessings.   

	Having talked about the kalyANa guNAs and paratthuvam 
ahead, the use of "EkAram" here is mainly taken  an  affix to  
emphasis the superior nature  of  the noun or person and such 
person or noun here, is nArAyaNan.  HE  is  the only superior 
Lord. ie the meaning in this context is  such   that   Sriman  
nArAyaNan  (the  superior  Lord)  will  HIMself  stand as the 
siddhO  upAyam for those who surrendered to HIM by doing this  

	The meanings  for  the  word nArAyaNan with EkAram as 
"nArAyaNanE" is compounded  as  well as  it  uses  "nArAyaNan 
HIMself" in  several different  ways depending  who  reads it 
and their own affiliations pakkuvam and anubavam. Some  state
that nArAyaNaNE means,  "nArAyaNan HIMself" will rush to give 
the mOksahm  to the surrendered. Combining the two it is some
times said that When We seek the blessings by doing the nOnbu 
(saranagathi) and wait, the Lord will HIMself deliver moKsham
by HE HIMself acting as the siddhO upAyam. ie., This "EkAram" 
indicates the ever  readiness  of  the Lord and HIS nature to 
act atonce when needed.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan 

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