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KooratthAzhwAn Thirunakshathram (thai hastham)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 02:39:10 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Today (thai hastham) is the Thirunakshathram of KooratthAzhwAn- KooEsar- 
also called "Azhwaan". KoorEsar's jnAnam, respect and reverence for 
AchAryA Ramanujar, bhakti, vairAgyam are all in superlative terms. He 
was from an affluent family and left all his wealth and joined RamanujA, 
as his sishya along with his Dharma pathnI. His sons are the Greatest 
Paraasara Bhattar and VyAsa bhattar, who were named so by YathirAjar as 
per the promise RamanujA had pledged during YamunAchAryA's (ALavandhaar) 

KoorEsar was the one who read the Commentary of Brahmasoothram in one 
night and he could remember all when it was stolen and taken away be the 
envious enemies on RamaujA's return from kashmir. Based on KoorEsar's 
memory and ability, Ramanuj wrote Sri BhAshyam. (Please correct me, if I 
am wrong!). Such was the Greatness of KooratthAzhwAn . 

KoorEsar's eyes were plucked by ChOzhA king. The king, on the advice of 
Nalooraan, (a former sishya of KooratthAzhwAn, and was working for the 
king) had ordered RamanujA and Periya nambhi to appear in his court to 
sign a statement saying "Sivaath Param naasthi", (means: there is none 
superior to Siva. When the command of the king was heard by 
KooratthAzhwaan first, he wore the sanyaasi's dress, (when Ramanuja at 
that time was taking bath in the river), and left his white "gruhastha" 
vEshti for Ramanuja, so that he can escape. He along with periya nambhi 
went to the king's court and when Periya nambhi refused to sign, he was 
executed. KooratthAzhwAn, due to his Sanskrit knowledge, wrote a 
statement "Bigger than Sivam is dhrOnam" (I think dhrONam is a measure 
in sanskrit like "padi, marakkal, kaal padi, arai padi, in Tamil etc.. 
Sivam's another meaning is kaal padi, (like 250 ml) and dhrOnam is 
araipadi (500 ml)- I don't know the exact measure!). That was KoorEsar's 
chaathuryam and that must have really triggered off the king and must 
have angered him who was trying to propagate Saivam. the king, 
Krimikantha, in a mad rage, ordered his soldiers to arrest Kuresh and 
burnt his eyes out. The king’s men took Kuresar to a prison, and after 
blinding him, released him in the forest. During the entire horrifying 
experience Kuresar never once protested. He found strength within 
knowing that his guru was safe.  

KooratthAzhwAn was so merciful and soft hearted that he requested the 
Lord (when he was asked to appeal to the Lord, by RamanujA for getting 
back his eyesight) to save him (KoorEsar) and Nalooraan also (who was a 
traitor and the "brutus", because of whom KoorEsar was in fact blinded 
at all). enna oru hrudhayam; - That is the essential quality of a 

Another interesting anecdote: AzhwAn (KooratthAzhwAn), (before becoming 
blind of course!), when he peeped in to a closed room where a dumb and 
deaf sishya was being initiated by RamanujA as to how RamanujA could 
have initiated him. (can you imagine Dearest sisters and Brothers?) He 
would have mimed, acted, shown with his hand movements, gesticulated and  
touched the shoulders shown sanghu, ChakrA, shown the form of Sriman 
Narayanan in four shouldered form- His beauty etc... to the sishya!. 
Seeing that, AzhwAn was weeping and could not control his tears; He went 
straight to the Lord and asked him "why did You let me be born without 
such disabilities?. I would have also had the greatest hair raising 
anubhavam of YathirAjA's blissful sparsam (touch) on my body! Oh No! Why 
did you not let me be born dumb and deaf, VaradA! Why?" (If you don't 
have tears in your eyes now, it only amounts to my very poor translation 
and lack of proper conveying, I apologise!)

Great AzhwAn! His pathni AndAL was equally great and highly devoted to 
the Lord. Naturally, Bhattar (Paraasara Bhattar), their son was greater 
than them! (thaay ettadi paayndhaal, Kutti padhinaaRadi paayum!)- 
Bhattar was on "speaking terms" with even Lord Ranganathan at Srirangam!

Please read Sri Sadagopan's lovely article on Sristhavam  (composed by 
KooratthAzhwAn) in bhakti archives sometime in Feb 96, on this day for 
being blessed by KooratthAzhwAn.

KoorEsar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam  

YathirAjar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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