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Update on Gita class : Uttamoor Viraraghavachar's analysis

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 10:36:39 PST

Dear bhakti network folks,

I thought of giving an update of the classes being held on conference
bridge for registered folks.  I am sending this email to bhakti list since
some of the registered folks are not getting their email, since they may
not be on the group email.  we have finished 6 chapters now in the last 10

In this saturday's class, I will be talking about Uttamoor
viraraghavachar's analysis of shankara bhasya, madhvya bhasya etc.  This
will be, in my opinion an important class, since : Uttamoor'
viraraghvachar's analysis is almost a thesis by itself and an un paralleled
masterpiece, to my knowledge.  

this analysis will deal only with first 6 chapters for now, since we have
finished 6 chapters.  Please note that this will be dealt at a preliminary
level due to limitations in my knowledge.  Uttamoor's works require a very
high level of shastra jnana to understand all the nuances.  I will try my

adiyen Krishna