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RE: Placement of Lord rAma, sItA pirATTi etc.

From: Ranganathan, Sriram (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 08:14:06 PST

Dear Bhaktas,

	Sri.  kr*shNamAcAryan wrote...
	> --Related to the question that was raised on this a few days back,
	> priest at our temple here informs me that sItA pirATTi holds a
	> flower in one of Her hands, and Lord rAma is always on the side of
	> where She holds the flower.  I have found this to be consistent
with all
	> the pictures I have seen.  I do not know the explanation for what
	> which hand the flower is held in.

I think both Sri. kr*shNamAcAryan & Sri Anbil Swamy  are  RIGHT.

Sri Sita Piratti holds the lotus flower in her left hand and is on the Right
side of Sri.Rama.

We (our family) are caretakers of Sri. Rama temple in Nellore, for the past
40+ years and the
temple is believed to be in existence for over 80+ years. The Vighrahams
date back to more than
100+ years and as Sri. kr*shNamAcAryan points out Sri. Sita Piratti holds a
lotus flower in her left hand
and is placed on the right side. I have also observed this in many other Sri
Ramar sannidhis.

Usually Thayar moolavar vigrahams, are such that, the left hand/palm points
down to the Thiruvadi, and the right hand/palm 
in blessing posture, indicating surrender to me and I will take care.

Sriram Ranganathan