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From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 04:51:27 PST

  OM SrI KrishNAya namah.  
 dear BhAgavatas,       
           My praNAmams to all of you.
       Thanks to SrI M Tandy for the information provided by him about
another SV temple at Vrindavan. 
In fact, SrI rAmAnandAchArya belonged to SrI sampradAyam but
relaxed/diluted many rules of it.Most of the U P VaishNavas belong to
rAmAnanda sampradAya and ayOdhyA can be called the hub of their 
activities.however, there have been a few rAmAnujIs here and there and they may
 be having a few temples.most of the AchAryas of S India were not aware of
them till they have built a few uttarArdhI mutts at places like Tirupati.
The sampradAyam gained momentum in N India only after the construction of
rangjI mandir, the source being the book by Rahul Sankrityayan i mentioned
       now i would like to inform SrI Tandy that Vrindavan is not a Divya
DESam. A DD is the one which is praised by ALwArs in their hymns.When it
comes to Mathura region, the DDs are vadamadurai (N Mathura, there is a DD
at Madurai,TN also and many non-SVs know only of mInAkshI temple) and
TiruvAyppAdi(GOkul) only.there are many SV and non SV vishNu temples which
are not DDs.
                                              adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan