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Periya Thirumozhi-1.4- "GangA! tErI paani amruth hai"-

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 01:28:26 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr, after an excellent portrayal of the agony of old age, enjoys the 
Badrikaasramam's greatness in this pAsuram. Reiterating what I had 
mentioned and supplementing further on this sthalam, it is Sriman 
Narayanan who incarnated as BadriNarayanan under the Badari (Ilandhai ) 
vruksham (tree), which is dear to MahA Lakshmi . The Lord did tapas ( 
penance ) under that sacred tree , when He incarnated as Sri 
BadrinArayanan to initiate the people suffering from the scorching 
flakes of  samsAram through AshTaakshara manthra UpadEsam to us (through 
Nara NaaraayaNan, who were also His avathaarams only!- as Sri AndAL 
Herself states in Nacchiyaar Thirumozhi. " naamam Ayiram yEttha ninRa 
nArAyaNannaranE " ) .

Sriman NaarAyaNA incarnated as a Tapasvi with JatA , with conch and 
chakrA in His upper hands and Yoga MudrAs in His lower hands and sits in 

1. My Lord- My Master- Emperumaan is the One who appeared as Varraha 
mUrthy and brought out the Earth back; who appeared as Sri Rama, and 
took the bow to kill the strong rAvaNan of lankA and also destroyed his 
entire vamsam. This Greatest Lord of mine is staying at a place called 
Badrikaashramam on the bank of Ganges river, where Devas bring the 
kaRpaka flowers and offer at His Feet here to pay obeisance to Him.

2. He chased the Maya maarIchan and killed him with His sharp arrow; He 
aimed a sharp arrow at the chest of Vaali, who had gone on adharmic way; 
- Such Most virtuous Lord of mine- My Emperumaan stays at 
Badrikaashramam, where Brahma and other Devas come many times to pay 
obeisance to Him; where the river Ganges flow from the sky (the top of 
the mountain) with tremendous noise and with great swift currents of 

3. During Ramaavataar, my Lord entered into rAvaNan's place which is 
otherwise just impossible for any one to enter; especially crossing the 
deep ocean even surrounding this lankA- He not only entered into lankA, 
also did He destroy the whole asura vamsam of that strong rAvaNan (who 
could not be won over by anyone else at all); - Such Greatest Emperumaan 
of mine - stays at this place of BadrIkaashramam, where the Ganges 
river, with its lovely sweet waters, flow upto the entire length of 
mountain top, and appears as if the river hits the sky and beyond the 
sky, there is a white flag spreading on the sky.

4. Oh mind! I am telling something firm for you; Listen. You go, reach 
BadrIkashramam, where the river of Ganges flows in such currents that 
bring along with its clear lovely sweet waters, the sarees of Deva 
ladies, their garlands and their jewels (which they all leave at the 
shore for bathing - perhaps!); and pay obeisance to Emperumaan, (who 
destroys the enemies of His BhakthAs - the enemies that are housed on 
our body - and grants Paramapadham to them ) to get saved. 

5. When YashOdhA saw the infant KaNNan, sucking the breast milk and the 
life of the rAkshasi Puthanai, she was scared and wondering as to how 
she is going to life the child from the demon? - The Lord who grew up in 
such hair raising events- the Greatest Emperumaan stays at 
BadrIkashramam on the banks of the river Ganges - that falls from the 
top of Golden colour mEru mountain; that appears to be holding the whole 
sky at the top (of the mountain).

6. Nappinnai PiraaTTi- who has the beautiful chariot like "algul" (waist 
band)- who has charming darting, fish like eyes, and for her, KaNNan 
tamed the seven strong huge shouldered oxen- such Greatest Emperumaan- 
the cloudy coloured Lord of mine stays at BadrIkashramam situated on the 
bank of river Ganges that flows in such heavy current that it flows (due 
to the great efforts of Bhageerathan) across the mountains, breaks the 
rocks on the way, and even gathers the huge elephants on the way.

7. The irAvadham elephant and the nectar (amudham) (that came out of 
churning the ocean), the heaven (swargam), the kingly status for Devas 
were all granted to Indran by Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan and He is the 
One who grants to us anything and everything- Such Most merciful Lord is 
at BadrIkashramam, situated on the bank of river Ganges- which, on the 
command and direction from Emperumaan, due to the requests and appeals 
from DevAs, flows from the manthara mountain, down on Himalayas and runs 
in different streams so beautifully. 

8. Emperumaan- My Lord- the One, -who aimed the sharp arrow at the magic 
(mAya) Golden deer, mArIchan- who applied His sharp nails on the chest 
of the strong golden coloured hiraNyan- who removed the sorrow of 
Sivan's , due to the sin committed by him on BrahmA- stays at 
BadIkaashramam on the bank of river Ganges which was brought to the 
earth by the great penance of BhagIrathan. (that's why Ganges is called 
BhAgIrathi.; the Ganges, when it flowed from the top to the earth, there 
was a sage Janvar (?)- thus Ganges is also called Jaannavi) who received 
the water in his ears, as a middleman and then came out of his ears to 
the earth in order to reduce the great impact (of acceleration due to 
Gravity? from such a height); that's why after every prANAyaamam, we 
touch our ears to purify (so called wash with the Ganges water, deemed 
to be in our ears) our palms and fingers which are "ecchil" due to 
interaction with our own exhaled air. - terrific! Isn't it?))

9.  Clouds- air- mountains- oceans- all other worlds- the whole lot was 
all consumed and retained in His "small" stomach - Such a Greatest Lord 
is He- who is also the "Nirvaahagan" Director of the moon - the sun- the 
space- the time- and everything and everyone. Such Emperumaan- the Lord 
of mine- stays at BadrIkaashramam- on the bank of river Ganges- that 
came down (due to the effort of BhAgIrathan) via Brahma lOkam to the 
earth and the noise literally shook the whole earth- such was the 
thunderous sound with which Ganges came down and now it flows serenely 
with crystal clear waters.

10. Turbulent currents, huge tides, great speedy flows, crystal clear 
waters- that's river Ganges! (When I visited Haridwar, I have heard 
pilgrims saying,  "GangA! tErI paani amruth hai (in Hindi)" - GangA! 
your water is the nectar!).- The bank of such great holy river is 
BadrIkaashramam, where Emperumaan BadrI Narayanan shows Himself so 
gracefully - and about Him, ThirumangaiAzhwAr has sung these ten 
pAsurams and those who recite these ten will not only rule this world, 
also the dEva lOkam and then finally become Nithyasooris. 

Thirumangai mannan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan   

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