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The 108 Divya Desams Web Page/CD ROM project

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 19:04:16 PST

BhaudhAnya Thaip Pooram , KrishNa Paksha TrithIyai

NamO NaarAyaNAya ,NamO NaarAyaNAya , NamO NaarAyaNAya

Dear BhakthAs :

It is my privelege to let you know that 
five of us have joined together to create
the 108 Divya Desam Web pages so that BhakthAs
all over the world can have the darsanam of the 
EmperumAns and ThAyArs of these sacred centers .
We seek humbly the blessings of the Divya Dampathis
to give us the wisdom and strength to complete this 
task and place this kaimkaryam at their lotus feet . 

The bhakthAs uniting together to give the shrama dhAnam 
in the alphabetical reader are :

Sriman Parthasarathy DILEEPAN of Tennessee
Sriman Venkatsh ELAYAVALLI of California
Sriman Varadachari SADAGOPAN of New York
Sriman Mani VARADARAJAN of California
Sriman T.A. VARADHAN of Colorado

Expert counsel from Sri Sampath Rengarajan on 
Sthala PurANams and Sri Anbil Swami on general
matters related to the 108 Divya desams will
also be available to the above group of five .
In this Bhakthi group , It is intersting to
point out that only Two have completed the 
pilgrimage to the entire set of 106 divya desams 
on this Earth .These bhAgyasAlis are Srimans
P.Dileepan and Anbil Swami .The divya desams of 
ThiruppARkkadal and Sri Vaikuntam are inaccessible
to anyone with our human body .  

In addition to the pictures of the divya dampathis ,  
we plan to have a rich set of information related  to
these divya desams : VimAnam , PushkaraNi ,
Pratyaksham , MangalAsAsanams , Sthala PurANam ,
Route for access and most of all a PICTURE TOUR .

Some of the home pages like that for Srirangam ,
Thiruppathi would be rich and some like ThirukkaLvanUr
would be thin . The intent however is to create 
the complete set for the 108 Divya desams and 
perhaps add some abhimAna sthalams like
Melkote , Vaduvur  et al as well .

We are working on developing a ONE PAGE common format 
to which hyperlinks can be added for navigation for
those , who would be seeking in-depth information 
on paasurams , related articles et al .

Our hope is to speed it up and get the work completed 
as soon as possible . We already have the home pages 
for Thiruvahindrapuram (Courtesy : Sri Mani VaradarAjan ),
Srirangam and some of the vada Naadu Thiruppathis 
( Courtesy : Sri Parthasarathy Dileepan ),
ThiruviNNagar ( Srimans Sreyas Sarangan , 
Sampath Rengarajan and VaradachAri Sadagopan ), 
Sholingar and Triplicane ( Sri VenaktEsh Elayavalli ),
ThirukkaNNapuram ( V.Sadagopan ) , ThiruveLlarai
( Sri Govindarajan and V.Sadagopan ) , Ahobilam 
and Thir evvuuLL( Sri P.Dileepan ), Sri VillipputthUr 
( Courtesy :Sri Venkat )and a few others in different stages 
of development .We will attempt to overlay this
common format and pack the pages with as much information 
that is available .

INDIVIDUAL DIVYA DESAMS :Please let me as a 
co-ordinator of this project know of any material
( Images of the EmperumAn, ThAyAr, Divya desam
and any other pertinent matters )that you may have 
for inclusion in these proposed home pages .
I will return them to you after the completion
of the project . We ahve a respectable data base of 
pictures already and can compliment them 
as we go along with your help.

We would also need some scanning help .
It is all volunteer work . Hence at times ,
we will be calling on BhakthAs with Web page
development skills for additional help.
Please let me know , which one of you want to
volunteer as needed . It is nice to have the 
roaster of skills for my use as a coordinator
intent on pushing this project through by
Panguni Utthiram at the earliest and ANDAL's
Thirunakshathram (Aadip Pooram ) at the latest .

We neeed all the help we can get as we go along 
on this magnificient adventure to integrate 
these divya desam related Text, Images , Audio
and Video , wherever appropriate. 

With humble prayers to the SaraNya Dampathis
to bless us to complete this important project ,
that is the common heritage of all VaishNavAs .

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradachAri Sadagopan