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RE: AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM Release

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 18:13:58 PST


Dearest Sri Sadagopan mama,

Your kaimkaryam and that of Sri M.A.AlwAr's are excellent on this project of
CD ROM. There is nothing more heartening than the news that you are planning
for Swami Desikan's and Manavaala maamunigal's CD ROM also. For these most
revered and dearest AchAryAs of our Srivaishnavam, even if we give all three
worlds (as if they are ours), we can never pay back even an iota of what he
has done to us; There can never be - never was- and never will be- equal to
our Dearest AchAryan - YathirAjar. 

We are planning to have a day long Srivaishnava gathering at Simhapuri on
May the 29th (on NammAzhwAr Thirunakshathram)  with
skits/songs by children and perform Thirumanjanam of Srinivasa PerumAl at
local temple, have some talks/ panel discussions by each one of us) on
AchArya Paramparai, Srivaishnavam, Saranagathy, AzhWar's lives etc.. etc..
etc.. (pEraasai!). 

I would like to get some CD ROMs (if possible) before that so that I can
sell them to local Srivaishnavas here. Please check if it is possible.

Ramanujar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana dAsan