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From: M. Tandy (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 08:51:28 PST

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999 wrote:
>  Dear BhAgavatas,
>              Please accept adiyEn's praNAmams.I would like to write about
> our trip to RangjI mandir,Vrindavan(U.P).
It is a very nice
> temple strictly adhered to our sampradAyam and one of the biggest temples
> in N India.
>          There is  arangan in standing
> position with SrIdEvI and Garudar in the sanctum-sanctorum.The various
> upAlayas include those of TiruvEngadamudaiyAn,YOganarasimhar and
> ChakrattALwAr standing bact-to-back as in VaradarAja perumAL kOil in the
> JIyangArs' temple in Titupati,and temples of ALwArs and AchAryars as per
> PAncharAtra Agamam.
>  An ancestor of svAmIjI was from KAnchIpuram(if i am not wrong).He 
> built an ASramam at Vrindavan and settled there.He had a disciple
> Lakshmichand Seth by name. The sethjI was not having any children and
> approached his gurujI for an upAyam.He advised him to construct a temple
> for SrI ranganAthan and the seth did so.soon he had an issue by His
> grace. It was constructed some 150 yrs
> ago and in those days the construction cost was around 45 lakh Rs..The
> dhvaja sthambam is wrapped in gold like in TiruvEngadam and the perumAL
> is a rich BhagavAn.The svAmIjI became the first DharmakartA and
> sthAnAchAryar and these two resposibilities are taken up by his successors
> for generations.
>  I request all bhAgavatas to visit this  "vada arangam" whenever possible.

	PraNAmas, vaiSNavas.
	Also in the Vrindaban area is an old temple near Govardhana (at
Dan Ghati) which is said to be a Shri Vaishnava divya-dezam. Presiding in
the temple are extremely beautiful Deities of SrI Sri LakSmI NArAyaNa. Not
by any means as imposing as the Rangji Mandira in Vrindaban, this temple
is nonetheless a very auspicious place. Someone else here probably knows
more about this than I do, but VrajavAsIs consider this LakSmI NArAyaNa to
be the utsava-mUrtis of the nearby Govardhana-parvata.