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Re. Question on charam slokam

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 11:02:12 PST

---------------- Srinivasan wrote -------------------
adiyen feels uncomfortable. This is
because, the slokam was given in "First Person" by Lord Krishna to
Arjuna. (The
meaning of this slokam has been well discussed in this and other forums.
adiyen will not discuss the details). Hence, when adiyen recites it,
thought runs through in the mind, as if adiyen is suggesting the concept
surrender to Perumal. Adiyen has considered adding a "Sri Bhagavan

Dear Srinivasan,
    I too used to feel lil uncomfortable with this 'first person'
theory. This is what I recite:
"sarva dharmAn ... mA sucha:  enRu aruLiya Sri pArthasArathi svAmi
thiruvadigaLE thaNYcham"
(I surrender at the feet of Sri Parthasarathi who delivered the charama
I have a picture of my dear majestic Sri pArhasArathi svAmi of
ThiruvallikkENi, and whenever I recite this infront of Him, I feel so
reassuring. This is how I end my daily prayer.


(Vijay Triplicane)