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Question on charam slokam
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 19:41:45 PST

Please accept adiyens pranamams.
Adiyen has a question in relation to Charama slokam. Everytime adiyen recites it
(irrespective of the time or place), adiyen feels uncomfortable. This is
because, the slokam was given in "First Person" by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. (The
meaning of this slokam has been well discussed in this and other forums. So,
adiyen will not discuss the details). Hence, when adiyen recites it, this
thought runs through in the mind, as if adiyen is suggesting the concept of
surrender to Perumal. Adiyen has considered adding a "Sri Bhagavan Uvacha"
before reciting this sacred slokam, to appreciate and experience this slokam
instead of constantly debating the right and wrong of the "First Person" theory.
Adiyen is fully aware of the consequences of breaching the general guidelines
for this slokam, but being uncomfortable with this present predicament, and
unable to change one's mind (now that this has ingrained itself well, and is not
looking to leave), hence this attempt.
Adiyen was wondering if other bhagavathas have felt this, or is adiyen alone in
this? Also, if there is someone who has felt this way, adiyen would like to know
as to how to get over it.

Sriman Narayana Thiruvadigale saranam
adiyen, Ramanuja dasan