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New Member: Request for Guidance on pAsuram #2344

From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 12:08:57 PST

Dear Members of the List,

I am by profession a software engineer and have only limited knowledge
of Tamil. I joined this Group with a view to better understanding
various aspects of Srivaishnava Sampradaya.

I am presently reading mUnRAm tiruvantAti. I could not understand the
following pAsuram (#2344 in the Divya Prabandham, #63 in the
tiruvantAti)>.( I apologize if this has already been discussed in the
list.)  I would appreciate it if the knowledgeable members of the list
can throw some light on the matter:

tAzcaDaiyum nILmuDiyum oNmazuvum cakkaramum
cUzaravum ponnANum tOnRumAl    - cUzum
tiranDaruvi pAyum tirumalai mEl entai
iranDuruvum onRAy icaintu. 

The significance of the paired attributes in the first two lines of
this verse are not very clear to me as also the phrase "iranDuruvum

Thanking the list members in advance.

Lakshmi Srinivas

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