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AakAsa Nagareesa Managalam : SlOkams 7-12 & Conclusion

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 06:54:25 PST

Seventh MangaLa SlOkams On Sri Oppiliappan &
Sri Venkatachalapathy of Saptha Giri:

lAvaNya nidhayE apAstha lavaNAya MaheekruthE I
kAruNyEnaavatheerNAya SaraNyAyAsthu mangaLam II

MangaLams to the SaraNyan ,Lord of ThiruviNNAgar ,
who is the embodiment of beauty , who incarnated out of
DayA for His bhakthAs and rejected the taste of salt
in His food for the sole purpose of qualifying to
marry the most beautiful BhUmi Devi , the daughter
of Sage MarkandEyA . 

Comments: The ThiruviNNagar sthala purANam-Covered
at length by Sri Sampath Rengarajan earlier- states
that the Lord appearing as an old man vying for the 
hand of the young BhUmi Devi assured Sage MarkandEyA , 
the worried father , that He will rather give up salt 
totally in His food instead of worrying whether 
the bride can prepare food with the right amount of 
salt/seasoning . Sage MarkaNdEyA was trying to discourage  
the old man seeking his daughter's hand in marriage with
the statement that his daughter , Bhumi Devi was 
so young that She does not even know how to 
prepare food and even add the right amount of salt 
in the food to properly season it . The clever old man, 
our Lord , disarmed Sage MarkandEyA with His deft 
concession that he would rather give up salt 
than the hand of Bhumi Devi .Once Sage MarkandEyA 
recovered from that parry , he had  no argument .
He recognized now the true identity of the old man 
standing in front of him beseching his daughter's
hand in marriage .The sage gladly consented now to 
the marriage and stays even today with folded
hands on the left side of the Lord at His garbhagraham .
On the right hand side is his daughter serving 
the Lord , who has taken on the name of
LavaNa varjitha VenkatEsan , or the One who
has rejected salt in His NaivEdhyams out of
His love for His consort .

Seventh Mangala slOkam on Uttara VenkatEsan

parasmai brahmaNE purNa kAmAya paramAthmanE I
prayunjE paratattvAya VenkatEsAya mangaLam II

" May Auspiciousness be to Sri VenkatEsA , who is 
the supreme Brahman , whose desires are fulfilled 
(i-e., who is desireless) , and who is the supreme soul " .

Eighth Slokams On DakshiNa and Uttara VenkatEsan

SuddhAnandha VimAnEsmin svayamvyakthAya thEjasE I
AhOrAthra sarastheera paarijAthAya MangaLam II

Mangalams to the radiant Lord , who appeared 
on the banks of AhOrAthra PushkaraNi out 
of His own volition and stands there even today 
as the wish-fulfilling Kalpaka vruksham .

aakAla-tattvam aasrAntham aathmAnamanupasyathAm I
atrupthyamrutha rUpAya VenakatEsAya mangaLam II 

" May Auspiciousness be to Sri VenkatEsA , whose ever- 
charming form is nectar-like to the living beings that
gaze upon Him incessantly as long as Time lasts " .

Ninth SlOkams on DakshiNa and Uttara VenkatEsan 

MaarkandEyasya Tharkshasya Dharma SahyajayaOrapi I
prathyakshAmbhujAkshAya DharA NaathAya MangaLam II

Sarva MangaLams to the Lotus-eyed Lord of BhUmi Devi ,
who is prathyaksham (visible ) to His father-in-law ,
Sage MarkandEyA , Garudan , Dharma Devathai and 
Cauveri mAthA .

prAya: svacharaNou pumsAm saraNyathvEna pANinA I
krupayA disathE Srimadh VenkatEsAya MangaLam II

" May Auspiciousness be to Sri VenkatEsA , who
with His (right ) hand (i-e.,Varada HasthA ) shows 
His feet , as refuge , to ALL human beings ".

Tenth SlOkams on DakshiNa and Uttara VenkatEsan


Let all auspiciousness shower on those who
recite with bhakthi these MangaLAsAsana slOkams 
of Bhumidevi Sametha SrinivAsan of ThiruviNNagar .


" May Auspiciousness be to Sri Venkatesa , who moistens 
the Universe with His glances , cool like the waves of the
nectarine-river of compassion( DayA ) " .

Eleventh SlOkams on DakshiNa and Uttara VenkatEsan 

MangalAsAsanaparair madhAchAryapurOgamai :I
sarvaisccha purvairAchAryai: sathkruthAyAsthu MangaLam II

Sarva MangaLams to ThiruviNNagarappan , who has been
eulogized by our AchAryAs and their  purvAchAryAs
known for their dedication for peforming MangaLAsAsanam
to Him .

sragh bhUshAmbhara hEthinAm sushumAvaha mUrthayE I
sarvArthi samanAyAsthu VenkatEsAya MangaLam II

" may auspiciousnes be to Sri VenkatEsA , whose form
lends splendour to the garlands, ornaments ,garments 
and weapons (which he bears ) and (whose form ) 
subdues all(samsAric) afflictions ." 

Twelfth Slokams on DakshiNa and Uttara VenkatEsan 

yaavadhAvarthathE chakram yaavathee cha VasundharA I
taavath tvamiha sarvasya svAmithvam anuvarthaya II

O Lord of ThiruviNNagar ! Here is my prayer to You !
Please protect all the jeeva raasis as their supreme
Lord as long as there are the Moon , Sun , Stars 
and the Earth . 

Sri Vaikunta virakthAya SvAmi PushkariNee tatE I
RamayA RamamANAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam II

" May Auspiciousness be to Sri VenaktEsA , who ,
giving up attachment to Sri Vaikuntam , sports 
gracefully with Lakshmi on the banks of 
the SvAmi PushkariNi ". 

Thirteenth and Fourteenth SlOkams of
Saptha Gireesan of Thiruvenkatam 

Srimath Sundara JaamAthru munimAnasa VaasinE I
SarvalOka nivAsAya SrinivAsAya MangaLam II

MangaLAsAsanaparair madhAchArya purOgami: I
Sarvaisccha pUrvAchAryai : SathkruthAyAsthu MangaLam II

" May Auspiciousness be to Sri SrinivAsA , who
dwells in the heart of the sage MaNavALa and
all the Worlds .

May Auspiciousness be to Sri VenkatEsA , who has
been worshipped by my teachers and their early
teachers and all those devoted to reciting this
MangaLAsAsanam ." 


tapasyE paalgunE maasE EkAdasyAm thithou munE I
puNyE SravaNa NakshathrE muhUrthE abhijithAhvayE II

aajagAma MahA yOgi SaakshAn nAraayaNO Hari : I
sa dEva: SrinivAsAkhyO BhUmidEvyA: pathirvibhu: II

On a Panguni EkAdasi SravaNam day , during Abhijin
mUhUrhtam , Sriman NaarAyaNan ,the Lord of Sri Vaikuntam
arrived (incarnated )at the Tulasee Vanam of Sage MarkantEyA 
to marry BhUmi dEvi and to bless all the jeevans . 
He is the One celebrated as SrinivAsan , the abode
of All Auspicious attributes and is the One , who
responds to all of our prayers .This Nithya mangaLam
is presented to the AakAsa Nagareesan , who is 
verily SrinivAsan .

( It is our wishful prayer that Sri Bhumi Devi accepts 
Her children's samarpaNam of MaaNiccka Kondai
and other AabharaNams on the Isavara Panguni
Uttaram day and the Divya Dampathis bless us
to complete the last in the series of kaimkaryams ,
the Mutthangis for them during the BahudhAnya 
Year Kaisiki EkAdasi or during Iyppasi SravaNam
day . Thanks to all of You BhakthAs , who have
participated in the RathnAngi , MaaNiccka Kondai
Kaimkaryams for our SaraNya Dampathis ).  

SrimathE Sri BhUmidEvi SamEtha- 
SrinivAsa ParabrahmaNE Nama :

Sri VaNN SatakOpa Daasan ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan 
Isvara Samvathsaram , Sukla Paksha Sathayam 
Maasi Month , Fifteenth Day .