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AkAsa Nagareesa Mutthangi Kiamkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 20:00:29 PST

Dear BhakthAs of Bhumi Devi Sametha ThiruviNNagarappan :

I am deeply grateful to all the twelve of you , 
who have responded so far . We ahve pledges
for $562 of the needed $1420 . With BahgavAn's
blessings and BhakthA's pledges , I amhopeful 
to assemble the reamining $858 . It would need
25 more BhakthAs to join in this holy Kaimkaryam
for Our divine parents . $35 from each of the new 
25 would get us past the goal line and 
assure the completion of the Kaimkaryam and 
SamarpaNam at a date earlier than Kaisika 
EkAdasi day in November . 

you can send the checks to me for forwarding .
I will send you the receipts on behalf of the Oppilappan
Kaimkarya Committee .

I will forward the contributed amounts to 
Sri V.N.Venakatanathan , Secretary of
The Mutthangi Kiamkaryam Committee .
He is also the grandson of Navaneetham 
Swami of Oppiliappan Koil and a devout
disciple of Poundareekapuram Aandavan Swamy .
I will look into the Tax Exempt deduction for your
contributions and advise you ASAP .

My address is as follows :

Apt 6B-1 , Sacrborough Manor
Sacrborough , NY 10510
( Tel) : 914-762-6690 
( Fax ) 914-923-1103
e-Mail : 

Thanks to every one of you , who have
responded so far to my appeal .