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Akaasa nagareesa prapatthi- Excellent

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 00:51:44 PST


Dearest Sri Sadagopan,

Simply superb, moving, bhakti-filled post on Akaasa nagareesa prapatthi. 
Especially, the way you completed the post, (while reading it) I could 
very well visualize your body, getting goose pimples, with tears in your 
eyes (unable to see the screen) and your mind regretting the present 
materialistic life (while simultaneously thanking the OppArilappan for 
being blessed with this most fortunate birth of being a devotee of Sri 
bhUmidEva samEtha OppArilappan PerumAL. 

Excellent- "uNmai veRum pugazhcchi illai".

It is our fortune to have you amidst us for sharing such posts.


Narayana dAsan madhavakkaNNan

P.S. I am sending the draft for USD 100/- for the mutthangi kaimkaryam 
for Ponnappan and bhUmidEvi piraatti.   

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