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Tape of Complete Vedas available

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 15:10:59 PST

[I have heard these recordings and they are outstanding.
 Those interested in having a complete, authentic recording 
 of a Veda or Vedas are highly recommended to contact 
 Mr. Krishnan. By the way, Mr. Krishnan and his wife are
 residents of Srirangam and are devout bhaktas of Lord 


 Chanting of the Vedas : Authentic Classical Style renderings
                         available in audio-cassettes.

A few like-minded individuals got together in New Delhi and
decided to attempt recording in full all the four Vedas. Their
investigations had shown that barring some good recordings of
selected sUktas, no complete recitation of any of the Vedas was
available for common people to listen to in their homes. Tirupati
Devasthanam was reported to have recordings but they are kept for
exclusive use by the Temple authorities and allowed possibly for
research purposes only. A few individuals were reported to have
their own private recordings done mostly during religious
ceremonies in their homes.  They were not available for general
use and the quality in most cases was not satisfactory.

In the above context, the group decided to make an attempt to try
and record the complete text of the Vedas, as existing
today. They registered an non-profit association in the name of
"Delhi Vedic Trust" in 1989 and thanks to persistent efforts and
benign approval of Providence, they have by now completed
recording all the four Vedas. Each is complete from first to the
last mantra. In the first round they confined to one branch
(SAkhA) of each Veda and in due course intend taking up the other
(SAkhA-s) for which reciters are still available. To complete the
first phase of their project, they now have to do the recording
of only Krishna Yajur Veda and a portion of Sama Veda. They hope
to achieve this during 1998-99.

The recordings have been done -- two in New Delhi and two in
Bangalore -- in good studios which had high quality modern
equipment. The reciters were veda adhyApakas at the "ghanapAThI"
(the highest accomplishment in Vedic recitation) level who had
themselves learnt in the traditional way under guru-sishya
parampara system which, as is well known, is the only oral
approved way in which the Vedas had been preserved and passed
down the centuries and will evidently continue in the same
fashion. The tapes produced by DVT are meant for
non-professionals and householders who could benefit by listening
to the Vedic vibrations.

DVT has a web-site in which the scope and activities of DVT have
been detailed. The URL is given below.


Alternatively,it would be in the first page of the sites coming
up in AltaVista / Yahoo or Infoseek using "Delhi Vedic Trust" or
"chants of vedas" as search words.  

Anyone desirous of getting copies of recordings may contact :

A. Krishnan (Founder Trustee - Delhi Vedic Trust) 
c/o Gita Gopal,
1187 Portland Ave 
Los Altos, CA 94204

Tel: 650 968 9585 or 
     408 749 9693 
     (local CA time 9AM-9PM please) 

Fax : 650 969 7980