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Thiruvaaimozhi 3.4- No words to describe HIM!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Feb 24 1998 - 06:22:22 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

This decad 3.4, is simply Excellence - the embodiment of Total 
Excellence- in terms of AzhwAr's exquisite anubhavam of the Lord- 
AzhwAr's totally flabbergasted by Sriman NarAyaNan's kalyANa guNAs; He 
has NO WORDS to narrate His Most Auspicious attributes; Those who know 
tamil, please read the transliteration ALSO for its sweet rhyming Most 
Beautiful SENTHAMIZH. Excellent thamizh- "InbhatthEn vandhu paayudhu 
kaadhinilE!" AzwAr stupefies us with His rich Tamil. Enjoy reading it!

1. pugazhu_nal oruvan en_gO!  poruvilseerp boomi yen_gO,
thigazhumthaN paravai en_gO!  theeyen_gO! vaayu en_gO,
nigazum_aa kaasa men_gO!  neeLsudar iraNdum en_gO,
igazviliv vanaitthum en_gO  kaNNanaik koovumaaRE! 

"Emperumaan- KaNNan- How will I describe Him?- as the One who is 
unparalleled and praised Gloriously by sruthis and smrthis; OR as the 
One who is like the Mother Earth in its unmatched Patience; OR as the 
Big Ocean which is full of cool and bright water; OR as the Fire; OR as 
the Air; OR as the Sky? OR as the Bright, Shining Sun & Moon? OR as the 
Entirety of all Objects? _ How will I address Him? OR Should I say all 
these ones?"

2. koovumaa RaRiya maattEn  kunRangaL anaitthum en_gO,
mEvuseer maari en_gO!  viLanguthaa ragaigaL en_gO,
naaviyal kalaigaL en_gO!  NYaana_nal laavi en_gO,
paavuseerk kaNNan emmaan  pangayak kaNNa NnaiyE!	

"I am totally speechless and at a loss of words to sing pAsuram (about 
Him) due to the ecstasy of my bhakti; Is He all the Mountains? Is He the 
Great Rains? (Californians would have seen Him in torrential rains of 
these days- "aazhi pOl minni valampuripOl ninRadhirndhu thaazhaadhE 
saarnghamudhaittha saramazhaipOl") Is He those Bright, Shining String of 
stars? Is He those arts? Is He the embodiment of jnAnA? The Red Lotus 
eyed Lord of mine- How will I address His Auspicious attributes?" 

3. pangaiyak kaNNan en_gO!  pavaLassev vaayan en_gO,
angathir adiyan en_gO!  ancana vaNNan en_gO,
sengathir mudiyan en_gO!  thirumaRu maarvan en_gO,
sangusak karatthan en_gO!  saathimaa Nikkath thaiyE!	

(What a tamizh!) He is of the Most Grandest form of Black MANIckkam 
(Emerald)- Should I call My Lord, The Supreme? As The Red Lotus Eyed 
Lord (SenthaamaraikkaNNan); OR as the Red Coral lipped Lord 
(pavaLacchevvayan); OR as the One who has the Bright Shining Most 
Beautiful Lotus Feet; OR as the One who is of Most Darkest Colour like 
the "mai"(anjanam)- (kaajal in Hindi); OR as the One who has the Shining 
Crown? OR as the One who has the Goddess MahAlakshmi in His chest; OR as 
the One who has the sanghu (Divine Conch) and chakrA (Divine Discuss);"
4. saathimaa Nikkam en_gO!  savikOLpon muttham en_gO,
saathi_nal vayiram en_gO,  thavivilseer viLakkam en_gO,
aathiyaNY sOthi en_gO!  aathiyam purudan en_gO,
aathumil kaalath thenthai  acchuthan amala NnaiyE!	

"Should I call Him as the MaNickkam of the Highest Quality? As The 
Brightest Shining Gold? As The illustrious Pearl? As The invaluable 
Diamond? As the ceaseless Light?  OR as the Paramapadham? OR as the 
Chief of Parama padham? (AdhiyanjOthi- His divine Body in Paramapadham; 
Aadhiyam purudan- DivyAthma swarUpam); Is HE NOT the Faultless One, who 
has granted me the knowledge to know my connection with Him and the my 
support after I become supportless in this worldly life? He is My 
Acuthan, who NEVER LEAVES me.

5. acchuthan amalan en_gO,  adiyavar vinaikedukkum,
naccumaa maruntham en_gO!  nalangadal amutham en_gO,
acchuvaik katti en_gO!  aRusuvai adisil en_gO,
neyccuvaith thERal en_gO!  kaniyen_gO! paalen gEnO!	

"Should I call Him as the One who DOES NOT HAVE any blemish/fault 
whatsoever and is always united with endless, Ceaseless Paramapadham? OR 
as the One who is the Best, Most Desirable Medicine for removal of 
karmAs/sins of His Devotees and protecting them? OR as the One who is 
like the amirtham (nectar) churned out in pARkadal? OR as the Sugarcane 
like the nectar? OR SHOULD I CALL HIM as the "akkAra adisil" (Sweet 
Food)? Or the Most tastiest Ghee? OR the Sweetest Madhu? OR the Best 
Fruit? OR the Milk? OR WHAT? - How shall I describe Him? (AzhwAr has 
tasted Him and He is trying his level best to put in words for all of us 
to comprehend; BUT, alas! He is indescribable!)
6. paalen_gO! naan_gu vEdhap  payanen_gO, samaya neethi
noolen_gO! nudangu kELvi  isaiyen_gO! ivaRRuL nalla
mElen_gO, vinaiyin mikka  payanen_gO, kaNNan en_gO!
maalen_gO! maayan en_gO  vaanavar aathi yaiyE!	

"Should I call my Emperumaan as The Milk? OR as the Fruit of VedAs? Or 
as the Epics? Or as the Divine Music that pulls us automatically (the 
moment we start listening to it)? OR Much Higher than all of these 
with extremely little effort of ours? (Sisters and Brothers, What a 
Beautiful narration, What an anubhavam of AzhwAr!) Should I call Him 
"kaNNa!"? OR as the "Thirumaal"? OR as the "Maayan"? He is The One who 
is the Cause for dEvAs lives."

7. vaanavar aathi en_gO!  vaanavar theyvam en_gO,
vaanavar bOgam en_gO!  vaanavar muRRum en_gO,
oonamil selvam en_gO!  oonamil suvarkkam en_gO,
oonamil mOkkam en_gO!  oLimaNi vaNNa NnaiyE!	

"Should I call Him as the Cause for NityasUris ? He is the Most 
Brightest MaNickkam; Should I address His as the Lord of NityasUris? OR 
as the Grandest bhOgam of NityasUris' anubhavams (enjoyments)? OR ALL 
OTHER THINGS? OR as the Endless, Ceaseless WEALTH? OR as the Endless 
Swargam (heaven)? OR the mOkshArtham? - HOW WILL I ADDRESS HIM?."

8. oLimaNi vaNNan en_gO!  oruvanen REttha ninRa
naLirmathic sadaiyan en_gO!  naanmugak kadavuL en_gO,
aLimagiznN thulakamellaam  padaitthavai Ettha ninRa,
kaLimalarth thuLava Nnemmaan  kaNNanai maaya NnaiyE!	

"Should I narrate Him as the Most Brightest, Shining colour of 
MANickkam? OR as the One who addresses You as the "Unmatched!" and  the 
one who has the moon in his head- sivan? OR the Four Headed BrahmA? What 
shall I tell? Oh My Lord, The One who created the Worlds and protected 
them! KaNNA! Oh Lord, The One who has the Most Fragrant ThuLasi Garlands 
in His head! How should I call You? "

9. kaNNanai maayan dhannaik  kadalkadainN thamuthaNG koNda,
aNNalai acchu thannai  ananthanai ananthan dhanmEl,
naNNi_nan kuRaikin Raanai  NYaalamuN dumizntha maalai,
eNNumaa RaRiya maattEn,  yaavaiyum yavarum thaanE.	

" I DO NOT KNOW Him fully and also the way to narrate Him and call Him; 
He churned the Ocean and offered the Nectar (amirtham); The Lord is He, 
who is lting down on the AdhisEshan; He retained all the worlds in His 
stomach and spat them after the Cosmic Cycle end and protected them- 
Such a great Lord is He- and I do not know at all the way to praise His 
glories; He is The One who stays in everything and has Everything in Him 
and directs evrything" 

10. yaavaiyum evarum thaanaay  avaravar samayanN thORum,
thOyvilan pulanainN thukkum  solappadaan uNarvin moortthi,
aavisEr uyirin uLLaal  athumOr paRRi laatha,
paavanai athanaik koodil  avanaiyum kooda laamE.	

"He is the quintessence of all; He is the antharyaami in the 
Non-sentient (achit) and in the Sentient (Chit); Such a Lord is He and 
He stays in them while He remains unaffected by them simultaneously; He 
is the Embodiment of knowledge (jnAnam) and is totally INCOMPREHENSIBLE 
by the capacity of Five sense organs; (For the Athman, there is no 
Growth or decaying even though Athman stays in the body; Similarly 
Emperumaan IS NOT AFFECTED by the karmAs even if He is an antharyaami;"
11.koodivaN daRaiyum thaN_dhaarkkoNdalpOl vaNNan dhannai
maadalar pozilku rukoor vaNsada gOpan sonna,
paadalOr aayi ratthuL ivaiyumOr patthum vallaar,
veedila bOga meythi virumbuvar amarar moytthE

"The Lord is of Blue Hued Colour of the Dark Clouds; He wears the Most 
Fragrant Garland flowers surrounded by the humming bees; About Him, 
Thirukkurugoor SadagOpan has sung 1000 pAsurams; Out of those 1000, 
those who tead these TEN pAsurams (or their meanings) ARE DEFINITE to 
obtain The Endless, Ceaseless Divine Spiritual Life and will BE GREATLY 
APPRECIATED BY NITYASURIS. (That is Great! But why? Aren't they Greater 
than mukthALs? They are! But the NityasUris love to be in this Earth 
BECAUSE the Lord desires to stay right here to bless us! And those who 
get closer to Him by becoming His ardent devotees, are naturally His 
favorites and also NityasUris'. In fact, NitysUris love the bhAgawathAls 
more than the Lord.")

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam    

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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