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An appeal from Poundarikapuram Asramam

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Sat Feb 21 1998 - 17:48:47 PST

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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 18:35:05 +0530 (IST)

Dear Desika Baktas / Aastikas,

Greetings!   I  feel  blessed  to  write  to  you  regarding  the 

publication  of Chillari Rahasyangal which are some of  the  most 

important  contributions  to Srivaishnava  Sampradayam  by  Swamy 

Vedanta Desika.  They deal with the Vishitadwaita philosophy  and 

religion at different levels of presentation.  These Rahasyas are 

very  important   not only to vidwans but also  to  novice.   Our 

Asraman has brought out the Rahasyangal in 3 parts (part I -  624 

pages - 16 Rahasyangal.  Part II - 592 pages -  4 Rahasyangal and 

part  III - 900 pages - 7 Rahasyangal).  Part I was published  25 

years ago and it  has gone out of print during the last 10 years.  

Srimad   Andavan   of  Srimad  Poundareekapuram   Swamy   Asraman 

(Srirangam) has therefore recently take up the publication of the 

second edition of Chillarai Rahasyangal Part I with footnotes and 

summary  in Tamil of Sri U.Ve. V.N. Srirama Desika Chariar  Swamy 

of  Uppiliappan Koil.  I have been authorised by  Srimad  Andavan 

Swamy  to  write  to Desika  baktas  /  Aastikas  regarding  this 



     This  book would contain the following 16  Rahasyangal:   1) 

Sri Sampradaya Parisuddhi, 2) Tatva-Padavi, 3) Rahasya-padavi, 4) 

Tatva-Navaneetham, 5) Rahasya-Navaneetham, 6) Tatva-Maatrukai, 7) 

Rahasya - Maatrukai, 8) Tatva-Sandesam, 9) Rahasya-Sandesam,  10) 

Rahasya-Sandesa  -  Vivaranam, 11)  Tatva-Ratnavali,  12)  Tatva-

Ratnavali  - Prathipadya - Sangraha, 13)  Rahasya-Ratnavali,  14) 

Rahasya-Ratnavali-hridayam,    15)    Tatva-Traya-Chulakam    and  

16)  Rahasyatraya-Chulakam.  The present opportunity is  used  to 

recast  the  format to suit the convenience  of  modern  readers.   

The expected number of pages is around 650 and the estimated cost 

of publication for 1000 copies is 1.2 lakhs of rupees.


    If  about 25 NRI- srivaishnavites contribute each  about  100 

USD, the present publication can be brought out easily.   If  you 

think  of  Srivaishnavism as a tree, its root is  in  India, with 

spreading  branches  all  our  the  world.   The  tree  will  get 

nourished  only  if we provide "water and manure" to  the  roots.    

If  the tree is thus nourished, the devotees all over  the  world 

can reap the fruits and benefit from them.


     I therefore appeal to you to donate liberally to this  noble 

cause.  I also request you to identify the other probable  donors 

and  request  them  to help our Asraman  for  bringing  out  this 

publication.    I  have  requested  Sri  Ramesh  Sarangapani   to 

coordinate the collection of donation for this purpose from  USA, 

since he is a devotee of Swamy Desika and is well known to Srimad 

Andavan  Swamy. The printing work  has just  started at Srirangam 

under the direct supervision of Srimad Andavan and will be 

completed in  about 6 months.


     Na  hi  janena sadrisam pavitram  iha  vidyathe.  Since time 

flies swiftly, you early action is requested.


     May  Sriman-Narayana  bless  you and your  family  with  His 

kindest Grace.


Yours sincerely,

Department of Crystallography & Biophysics
University of Madras
Guindy Campus
Madras  600 025
Phone: 490 0327(Residence)


Dear Friends

Sri Ahobila Muth Inc. has agreed to collect and consolidate the
donations before cutting the check to Srimad Poundarikapuram
Andhavan Ashramam.

Please make your check to "Sri Ahobila Muth Inc." and send it to:

1908 Preswood Dr.
Hixson, TN 37343

Mention "Chilarai Rahasyam Project" on the check. Please mail your
checks before MARCH 31st.

All those donating more than $50 will receive one complementary
copy of the pulication. If you plan to donate $50+, please
provide the name and address of one your relatives in India.
The book will be sent to them instead of your US address.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Those of you who contributed to the thilaistanam Perumal
Koil Kainkaryam, I am happy to say that the Samproshanam
went very well and Srimad Andhavan of Periasramam blessed
the occasion. 

In my next post, i will provide a more detailed account
of this function. once again thank you for your support.


Ramesh Sarangapani
302 456 3626