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From: Nadadur Mathavan (
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 16:20:08 PST

                                            Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Dear Bhakti Bhagavathas:

HH Srimad Srirangam Andavan has given His gracious blessings to His
Thiruvadikals to start a non-profit service organization to nurture Sri
Ramanuja Siddhantha in USA and other countries outside India.

Accordingly, we are proud to announce the formation of Sri Ramanuja Mission
Inc. The Mission has been registered in the state of MD and has filed for
tax exemptions under IRS as a non-profit organization.

As desired by HH, one of the primary objective of the Mission is to
facilitate community out-reach programs for promoting the understanding of
our Sri Vaishnava Sat Sampradayam  established by Sri Ramanuja.   As a
starting point in fulfilling Missionsí objectives, the Missionís co-founder
and President Sri U. Ve. Kannan Iyyangar, has started a discourse on Srimad
Rahasya Thraya Sara on January 14, 1998.

Sri U.Ve. Kannan Iyyangar 68, is a retired CPA of the Govt. of India.  He
had his early religious instructions in the Sri Ahobilam Sanskrit College,
Maduranthakam and did Adhyayanam in Vedas and Nalaayira Divya Prabandham
etc.  He had Kalakshebam in Granta Chathushtayam (four holy works i.e., Sri
Bhashya, Sri Gita Bhashya, Bhagavat Vishaya, and Srimad Rahasya Thraya Sara)
under the holly feet of learned vidwans including, Puthankottagam
Srinivasacharya, Melma Narasimhacharya, Thirukkoshitiyur Swami, Uthamur
Swami, Maduranthgam Swami, and Karpangadu Swami.  He did kalakshebam of
Srimad Rahasiya Thraya Sara under the feet of HH Thirukudanthai Andavan (6
times) and under the feet of Thirukoshtiyur Swami (two times).

Adiyen and Jaganath Bharadwaj are extremely fortunate in attending his
kalakshepam along with other Bhagavathas.  Those Bhagavathas residing in and
around Washington metropolitan area interested in attending this Kalakshepam
are welcome to join any time.  The discourse is scheduled every Sunday 4 to
6 p.m. at his residence in North Potomac, MD.

Please pass on this information to other Bhagavathas who would benefit from
such a discourse. For directions please contact Sri. U.Ve Kannan Iyyangar at
(301) 294-6206.

The Mission plans to volunteer in conducting work shops, produce and
distribute texts, tapes, and other  materials on the works of acharyas like
Sri Alavandar,  Sri Ramanuja, Sri Vedantha Desika, and Sri Manavala Mamuni,
through cooperative efforts of other service organizations.  We are planning
a few key initiatives in this regard.  Bhagavathas interested in
participating in such kainkaryams, please send an email to

Sarvam Krishnarpanamasthu

For Sri Ramanuja Mission, Inc.