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dayAsAgara Satakam of Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar Verse 1

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 11:46:02 PST

Srimate lakshmi nrsimha ParaBrahmaNE namah:
SrimAn vEnkatanAthArya kavittArkika kesari VedAntachArya varyome
sannidhattAm sadA hridi	I
Sri ranganAtha Satakopa Yateendra drishtam
lakshmi nrsimha saThajit karuNaika pAtram	I
Sri rangaveer raghurAT saThakopa hridyam 
VedAnta deSika yateendram aham prappadye	II

lakshmi nrsimham sampUrNam vaikuNThanilayam gurum	I
nityair muktaiScha samsEvyam dayAsAgaram ASryE	II

Srimate SrivaN SaThakopa Sri VedAnta dESika yateendra mahAdEsikAya
namah:	II

dayAsAgaram:- Lakshmi Nrsimhan, an embodiment of the ocean of mercy.  He
protects His surrendered souls and gives them enjoyment, according to
their desires, in His eternal service, just as an ocean bestows gems,
pearls and conches according to one's capacity to enjoy them.

nityAih: muktaischa samsEvyam:-  An object worthy of worship,
celebration and enjoyment of Nitya suris and mukta jivatmas.

Gurum:- One who has done VEdopadesham to everybody from Brahma

VaikuNTha nilayam:-  The residents of Sri VaikuNTham

sampUrNam:-	One who protects every object in all the three worlds by
pervading them in their entirety.

lakshmi nrsimham AshrayE:-	The nrsimhan who along with lakshmi showers
unimaginable mercy on those who take shelter of Their Divine Lotus Feet
with love and devotion.

Translated from book published in Tamil by Visisthadvaita Research
Centre.  The Tamil translator is not stated, so it is possible that the
work has not only been composed but also translated by His Holiness.  An
average person translating this work would not have given the kind of
meaning as stated above for words like sampUrNam.