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Thiruvaaimozhi 3.2- ThiruvEnkadamudaiyaanE! - I shall be Your servant always!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 20:59:00 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThiruvEnkadamudaiyaan (Lord VenkatesA) has offered Himself in front of 
NammAzhwAr in the last Decad 3.1 of Thiruvaaimozhi. In this 3.2, AzhwAr 
requests the Lord to grant him to perform an eternal kaimkaryam at His 
Feet at TirumalA. IT IS AN EXCELLENT DECAD, PLEASE READ them to be 
blessed by the AzhwAr and the Lord!

1.  (Let me write the transliterated pAsuram of the first one for its 
importance; It is a famous pAsuram)
"ozhivil kaalamellam udanaay manni/ 
vazhuvilaa adimai seyya vENdum naam/
thezhi kural aruvith thiruvEnkadatthu/
yezhil koL jOthi enthai thanthai thanthaikkE/"

The Emperumaan, The Most Beautiful, unbounded infinite illustrious 
jOthi, my fatherís fatherís father; He stands gracefully at TirumalA 
where the waterfalls fall with thunderous noise; To such Emperumaan- 
Please grant us the eternal servitude to perform all sorts of limitless 
uninterrupted kaimkaryams (servitude) at all times, under all 

2.  ThiruvEnkadamudaiyaan is the Most Grandest Swami and is the father 
of my fatherís..... fatherís father (when counted to all my past 
generations); The richest wealth of my kulam is He, who is of blue hued 
cloudy colour.  NitysUris, Senai mudhali (VishvaksEnar) et al are paying 
their obeisance to ThiruvEnkatamudaiyaan by offering flowers at His 

3.  TirumalA, which contains ponds with crystal clear water, is the 
place of ThiruvEnkatamudaiyaan, who has the unbounded glories and 
attributes; He is the Chief of NitysUris; The Mayyan- My Lordís eyes are 
like Red Lotus flowers which are most beautiful; He, who has the Most 
Beautiful Red Coral lips, has got the form like a Big Black Emerald 

4.  I, the Most worstest Lowly self of all, am calling Him as "The Chief 
of NityasUris!" Due to that, - the One who is My dearest Emperumaan and 
who is Most affectionate towards me- Will His glory be NOT belittled? 
(Is it a plus point for His glory? No.)

5.  He, My Emperumaan- has got the Bliss of Sweetness of Nectar as 
described in VedAs, the rich property of Vedic Brahmins; He has got the 
Most Auspicious attributes (kalyANa guNAs) with no blemishes; He is 
ThiruvEnkadatthAn; If I tell Him as "the One who is the Cause and Effect 
of all worlds and is the Primordial Chief, who is of evershining , Most 
Illustrious Light!" - then, Will it be a Glory to Him? (No.)

6.  It is OUR DUTY to greet and pay obeisance to those who live at 
ThiruvEnkadam; Those who take full cognisance of this statement and 
follow, will let their karmAs get burnt and destroyed immediately; Those 
devotees will perform kaimkaryams to the Lord and His bhAgavathAls to 
their full capacity; 

7.  ThiruvEnkadam is the Mountain that can grant us mOksham (the 
Ultimate for us); There only NitysUris., like sEnai mudhali, come and 
pay obeisance to Lord VenkatEsa; They hold the "PooraNa kumbham" , offer 
most fragrant flowers, light deepam, burn incense sticks / saambhraaNi 
during their prayers to Venkata vaaNan;

8.  another most famous pAsuram :

       "kunRam yEndhi kuLir mazhai kaatthavan/
        anRu jnAlam aLandha piraan* paran/
        senRu sEr thiruvEnkata maamalai/
        onRumE thozha nam vnai OyumE/"

      Emperumaan, during His KaNNan avathaaram, in order to protect the 
people and the cattle from torrential rains (due to the foul play from 
Indran), lifted the Big Govardhana mountain with His little finger 
effortlessly (and held it high for many days even); He is the same one 
who measured the Entire world in one step; He is the Lord and the Chief 
of everyone and above ALL; he is My Lord, too; (Akila jagadh Swamin; 
Asmath Swamin- Sri Ranga Natha; Mama Natha ) Such Emperumaan, My Lord is 
gracefully standing at ThiruvEnkata malai. If one pays obeisance to JUST 
the Mountain alone, that itself will REMOVE all our karma vAsanAs.

9.  ThiruvEnkata Nathan, KaNNan, is the One who can cure all OUR 
diseases; Just think of His Most Beautiful Lotus Feet in your mind and 
utter praises about Them with your mouth; He will save us from all 
Births and Deaths and protect us;

10.  At ThiruvEnkatam, Bhagawaan, My Lord, Srinivaasan is lying down on 
the AdhisEshan (as His Bed). Please reach the bottom of that mountain 
(which is none but the AdhisEshA) immediately to go to Thirumalai. 
Before you get old and are diabled, make sure you go to TirumalA and pay 
obeisance to the Lord.

11.  Thirukkurugoor SadagOpan has sung 1000 pAsurams about the Lord, who 
maesured the Entire Universe with His Feet; Out of those Excellent, 
unparallelled 1000 pAsurams, those who read these ten pAsurams ARE 
DEFINITE to get sakala sowbhAgyams and also be blessed for mOksham!

Ram Ram

nammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam    

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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