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Introduction Once Again
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 12:04:39 PST

Hi all,
	I am Manjula V. Sriram.  My husband Sriram and I live in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My husband born in Kancheepuram is from
Madhurantakam.  Both of us were members of this group, but I had left it a
few months back, and am back now.
	To briefly tell about my family, our family is extremely orthodox,
and still follows traditional practices of kudumi and driking the
well water.  Most of our family is in Madras, but some is in Tirupati, and
also in Kancheepuram.  I am proud to be a part of such traditional family,
and in the past two years of being in the family, I have learnt a lot
about our traditions and culture.  As in the past, I am extremely
interested in learning about our history and I will be more of a listener
than contributer.  
	We are currently working as Programmer Analysts in Milwaukee, and
hope to someday return to India and join our family in following the
traditional practices.  
	I am glad to be back, and am once again looking forward to
learning a lot from this group, especially about our saints.  I also have
a lot of interest in Carnatic music, and have been working on playing
Carnatic Classical Ragas on the Sitar.  If anyone has swaras of various
krithis, please email them to me

Sri Jagannath and Sri Rangaswamy following is my email which will be
permanent for now.

PS: By grace of Sriman Narayana,  we have purchased our first house and
recently return from a divine trip from India where we had the opportunity
to go Madhurantakam, Kancheepuram and Tirupati.  We went for the
Suprabhatam Seva, and Arjita Seva and performed Perumaal Kalyanam, and my
husband got to attend the chatumurai seva.  During the Arjita seva, thanks
to one of my husband's uncle we spent 30 minutes in the darba mandiram,
which still was not enough.  I especially was at loss of words when we
visited Vardharaja Perumaal in Kancheepuram.  All in all it was a very
divine trip and we look forward to sharing more experience with our group

Another request is: I will be in Oakland Area and would like to visit
atleast one or all temples but don't have the directions.   If someone
could help me, I will appreciate it very much.

(Sorry for such a long re-introduction, but I still have a lot to add)

Manjula V. Sriram
157 Manchester Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188