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Re: SrImad ANdavan's views on some Issues.

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 11:02:50 PST

I think here Srimad Andavan is referring to replacing
Sanskrit entirely with archanas in Tamil in Tamil Nadu,
as some of TN's more "reform"-minded leaders once wanted
to do.  I am not sure the Swami (a great Tamil abhimaani 
himself) would object to having the _option_ of archanas 
in the local tongue.

> arcanA in tamizh in our temples-  
> The people in
> tamizh nAdu wants arcanA in tamizh.  What should we do if a telugu
> speaking person, a malayALi, a gujarAti, or marAthi speaking person,
> come to tamizh nAdu and wanr arcanA done in their mother tongue?
> samskr*t is a world language.  Samskr*t is common to everyone all over
> the world.  Is there any territory in the world which is based purely on
> samskr*t as these other languages have?  Samskr*t is the language that
> is common to all.  It is in this language that arcanA-s should be done.

I for one think it's a nice idea to have the choice.  Having
an understandable archana makes the kalyaaNa-guNas of God more
appreciable by the worshipper, and which in turn will undoubtedly
increase her or his love of God.